Product recall: be careful, do not use this shampoo anymore!

Product recall: be careful, do not use this shampoo anymore!

Recall Conso has issued a product recall for a shampoo, marketed in Carrefour supermarkets. The latter was removed from the shelves for suspicion of a bacterium: Burkholderia.

Marketed from 20/06/2023 to 21/08/2023, a shampoo is the subject of a product recall. Considered harmful to health – especially for immunocompromised people and those suffering from cystic fibrosis – it is strongly recommended that it no longer be used. Explanations.

Shampoo recall: which batch is it?

The batch concerned by a product recall is that of the brand Design Paris cosmetics. This is a Nectar Of Beauty shampoo with mango and argan, intended for dry hair. Here is some other useful information to know:

  • Product category: Hygiene-Beauty;
  • Product Subcategory: Cosmetics;
  • Product Brand Name: NECTAR OF BEAUTY;
  • Model names or references: MANGO ARGAN – 250ML;
  • GTIN : 3560071421779 ;
  • Lot : 3157411 ;
  • Marketing start/end date: From 06/20/2023 to 08/21/2023;
  • Geographical area of ​​sale: entire Europe;
  • Distributors: Carrefour.

Further information : “The batch number 3157411 is indicated on the label located on the back of the product”specifies Rappel Conso.

Presence of Burkholderia bacteria

Also according to the dangerous product alerts site, the Burkholderia bacterium has been detected in this shampoo. This bacterium is likely to cause serious infections in humans, especially in immunocompromised people or people with cystic fibrosis. This is why, as a precaution, it is strongly recommended not to use this hair hygiene product. On the other hand, you can return the incriminated batch to the point of sale. You will then be eligible for a refund.

For any additional information, you can contact the consumer service on 08 05 00 022 (Crystal number – price of a non-surcharged call. Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.).