Product recall: be careful, you risk allergies with this floral water!

Product recall: be careful, you risk allergies with this floral water!

Since this Tuesday, a floral water from Naturalia has been recalled. The cause ? It would contain an allergen not mentioned on the label. Explanations.

Did you buy this floral water from Naturalia? Please note, this beauty product contains an allergen: benzyl alcohol. The problem ? This was not mentioned on the label and could cause allergic reactions. For your health, it is recommended to take care.

What is the product in question?

Here are the details about the recalled floral water:

  • Product category: Hygiene-Beauty
  • Sub-category : Cosmetics
  • Marque : NATURAL
  • GTIN : 3700036906150
  • Lots concerned: 124311, A124311 and B124311
  • Minimum durability date: 06/10/2025
  • Packaging: Blue plastic bottle
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 04/17/2023 to 01/15/2024
  • Geographical sales area: Whole Europe
  • Distributors: NATURE, NATURE & (HIGHWAYS)

What are the risks associated with its use?

If this product was recalled, it is because it contains benzyl alcohol and this allergen is not mentioned on the label. Floral water can then cause allergic reactions, particularly on the skin of certain people.

The government website Rappel Conso specifies: “in the event of an allergic reaction, rinse the product thoroughly with clean water. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.”

In the event of an allergy to the ingredient mentioned, it is therefore important to no longer use this floral water, destroy it or return it to the point of sale. You can also benefit from a refund.

For any additional information, please contact the following number: The recall procedure will end on March 15, 2024.