Product recall: These CBD gummies pose a risk of overdose

Product recall: These CBD gummies pose a risk of overdose

Since yesterday, batches of CBD gummies have been recalled. In fact, they would overdose on CBD and present risks for consumers. Explanations.

Marketed between December 20, 2023 and January 29, 2024, CBD HIGH brand gummies are currently recalled. The cause ? They would contain a dose of CBD above standards.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies: details of the affected product

The product label shows the following information:

  • Product category: Food
  • Sub-category : Sweet products
  • Marque : CBD HIGH
  • Model or reference: Gummies CBD full spectrum
  • Lots concerned: All Full Spectrum Yuzu and strawberry lots
  • Minimum durability date: 01/12/2025
  • Packaging: Full spectrum CBD gummies box of 10 units; Full spectrum CBD gummies box of 20 units
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 12/20/2023 to 01/29/2024
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored at room temperature
  • Geographical sales area: Paris
  • Distributors: CBD HIGH

A product to no longer use

If this product was recalled it is because it contains a dose of CBD above the regulatory dose.

The risks of an overdose of CBD can lead to the appearance of dizziness accompanied by headaches, nausea, difficulty falling asleep and an increase in heart rate.

Therefore, it is recommended to no longer consume these gummies and return them to the point of sale. To compensate for this error, the distributor offers an exchange.

For possible additional information, here is the contact number: This recall procedure will end on February 11, 2024.

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