Product recall: this organic flour should not be consumed

Product recall: this organic flour should not be consumed

Einkorn flour from the Vie Claire brand is the subject of a product recall. The flour has a level of ergot alkaloids above the regulatory threshold, which can cause several health risks.

Marketed by Vie Claire throughout Europe, einkorn flour has been recalled. For your health, it is strongly recommended that you no longer consume it. TipsForWomens takes stock of defective products.

Einkorn flour, be careful!

The incriminated batch has the following references:

  • Food / Cereals and bakery products Einkorn flour
  • Brand: LA VIE CLAIRE
  • Model or reference: Einkorn flour 500G
    • • GTIN 3266191107875 Lot 26223L1 Minimum durability date 09/19/2024
    • • GTIN 3266191107875 Lot 24123 Minimum durability date 08/29/2024
  • Packaging: 500g bag
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored at room temperature
  • Geographical sales area: entire Europe
  • Distributors: La Vie Claire stores

Contaminated flour: what to do with this product?

If you have any of these batches mentioned, it is strongly recommended that you no longer consume them. In fact, these products have a content of ergot alkaloids, higher than the regulatory threshold.

Ergots or sclerotia are formed by a fungus (Claviceps purpurea), parasite of different cereals. The sclerotia or ergots replace the seed and contain alkaloids, in particular lysergic acid from which LSD is derived, toxins responsible for diseases observed in both humans and animals (ergotism).

Ergotism linked to the ingestion of rye ergot is known to be responsible for a slowdown in blood circulation, which caused the alternation of a sensation of great heat and great cold, then gangrene to the extremities of the body. Nervous seizures could also occur. These symptoms have historically given this poisoning the names “Saint Anthony’s fires” or “burning sickness”.

This is why, for your health, you can return the packet of flour you have to the point of sale.

Other recalls concerning spelled flour concern Vie Claire at the beginning of February and other organic stores. Discover all the recalls made on February 29 and