Public holidays 2024: here’s how to take your days off to have maximum vacation time

Public holidays 2024: here's how to take your days off to have maximum vacation time

The year 2023 is not quite over, but many people are already preparing their holidays for 2024. By taking a look at the calendar, it is easy to spot the public holidays which will fall on weekdays and therefore optimize your leave.

The 2024 public holidays all fall on weekdays, except for July 14, which will be a Sunday. A good way to optimize your leave, by scheduling your days strategically. In total, it is even possible to obtain 57 days of rest by taking only 25 days of leave!

May 1st and May 8th fall on Wednesdays

In 2024, the traditional May 1st and 8th fall on Wednesdays. You have the opportunity to set up five-day bridges, requesting time off on the days between weekends. By combining the Ascension holiday, which falls on May 9, it is also possible to have five days off, between May 8 and May 12, by simply taking Friday off.

Sixteen days of vacation with only seven days

For those who would like to organize themselves to go on vacation, we can do even better: by taking seven days off, on May 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 but also on April 29 and 30, it is possible to accumulate 16 vacation days.

Later, in August, the 15th, traditionally a public holiday, falls on a Thursday. By settling on August 16, it is therefore possible to benefit from a four-day long weekend.

Two three-day weekends in November

The 1is November, on the other hand, will be on a Friday, while November 11 will fall on a Monday. You already know that you can plan two three-day weekends in a row.

And in December: Christmas 2024 will fall on a Wednesday, just like the New Year. It will therefore be possible to bridge the gap between these two dates, to benefit from a longer end-of-year rest. It’s now up to you to organize yourself with your colleagues, to get everyone to agree on future vacations!