R-Bombing: the new dating trend, similar to ghosting and just as toxic

R-Bombing: the new dating trend, similar to ghosting and just as toxic

In the age of social networks and instant messaging applications, “R-Bombing” has made a place for itself in the world of dating. Why is it toxic? And how should we react if we are confronted with it? Answer.

Do you know R-Bombing? This is a new trendy practice, which involves deliberately ignoring a message after reading it. Emma Hathorn, dating expert for the dating site Seeking.com, presents this new trend in a press release.

R-Bombing leaves the sender in a state of uncertainty

Read a message without responding immediately; can happen. But deliberately ignoring a text message after reading it is something else, says dating expert Emma Hathorn.

The absence of a response can create a feeling of neglect and incomprehension in the sender. Not receiving a response after seeing that a message has been read can also lead to speculation, lowered self-esteem, and questioning the value of one’s own feelings or opinions. It can also exacerbate feelings of fear, making people more fearful about reaching out or expressing their feelings in the future“, she warns.

Sometimes, the victim of an “R-bombing” adopts the same behavior, whether in self-defense or in retaliation. It is indeed easy to imagine that after having heard from the other, the victim, ignored, feels weakened, even “inferior” to their partner.

This can foster a toxic cycle of communication breakdown, which further degrades the quality of the relationship“, adds the expert.

This behavior can thus be compared to a form of manipulation.

Multiple interpretations

R-Bombing is not interpreted in the same way depending on the environment in which the person you are dating operates.

When dating people in positions of responsibility or entrepreneurs, work and commitments are often a priority. A message read without an immediate response could simply be related to a demanding schedule“, explains Emma Hathorn.

The expert adds that these people consider their value “is not determined by the frequency of communication but rather by the quality. Research is not in the validation of others“. Which allows them to better manage R-Bombing, or even not to be affected by it.

For others, some practical advice allows you to approach these non-responses differently: Taking a step back, limiting your messages, keeping an open dialogue, valuing the quality of interactions in relation to frequency or even widening your circle are all tips. that help maintain a healthy relationship.