Reusing your cooking oil could promote the onset of dementia

Reusing your cooking oil could promote the onset of dementia

According to a study, reusing cooking oil several times affects neurons and brain connections, to the point of leading to cognitive decline and promoting the onset of dementia.

Donuts, nuggets and other fried delights… Many of us fry our foods. The problem ? The re-use of frying oil promotes the appearance of degenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia with Lewy bodies, etc.), according to a study conducted by the Central University of Tamilnadu.

An increase in oxidative stress

For this study, a team of Indian scientists conducted tests on female mice, divided into 5 groups.

The first group of rodents followed a classic diet (without oil), the second a diet rich in sesame oil (0.1 mL per day), the third a diet rich in sunflower oil, the fourth a diet food rich in re-cooked sesame oil and the fifth a food enriched in re-cooked sunflower oil. This eating routine was maintained for almost 30 days.

Result ? Rats that consumed warmed sesame or sunflower oil had significant increases in oxidative stress and liver inflammation. “Rats fed reheated cooking oils had significantly higher levels of neurodegeneration than rats consuming a standard diet.”affirms Medical News Today.

Disruption of the liver-intestine-brain axis updated

The metabolism of lipids by the liver was altered and the brain received less of the good fats necessary for its functioning, resulting in neurodegeneration. specify the scientists.

More precisely, it is the disruption of the liver-intestine-brain axis, “crucial for maintaining physiological balance“, which would be responsible for the appearance of these disorders.

Liver lipid metabolism was significantly impaired and transport of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA into the brain was reduced. This resulted in neurodegeneration, observed in the histology of the brains of rats consuming reheated oil (…)”, confirms Kathiresan Shanmugam, author of the new study.

The other collateral damage of this diet rich in “heated oils”? Colon damage, significant in female mice.

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Mice also affected

The researchers’ latest observation: the offspring of rodents fed heated oils also seemed affected.

The children of femalesshowed greater susceptibility to neuronal damage than the control group fed without oils or with unwarmed oils“, relate Medical News Today.

Researchers believe that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids and health foods such as curcumin and oryzanol may be helpful in reducing liver inflammation and neurodegeneration.

Although human studies are needed before these results can be extrapolated, you might want to throw out your old cooking oil now…