Reverse balayage: trendy hair lightening

Reverse balayage: trendy hair lightening
Reverse balayage: trendy hair lightening

Lightening the hair to give it more shine and luminosity is certainly a trend that returns every summer; in 2023, however, reverse balayage is used to do so.

What is reverse balayage?

Reverse balayage is a spring – summer 2023 trend which, like many of the current ones, comes from or takes inspiration directly from the fantastic 2000s, full of bizarre and eccentricity. The hair, of course, a distinctive symbol of each individual and of his personality, made no distinction. And so, between one colored strand and another, the reverse shatush was born, also known as reverse balayage. If the balayage technique is in fact used by hairdressers to lighten the hair by exploiting the lengths, and creating a scale of shades that go from the darkest (at the roots) to the lightest (on the tips), the reverse balayage does exactly the opposite, darkening the tips to illuminate first of all the tufts near the face and those more visually at the top.

What haircuts and colors does it suit

Creating movement, volume and three-dimensionality to the hair is the goal of anyone who wants a fluffy hair: to obtain it you can rely on a layered cut, which however presents inevitable inconveniences, given the many lengths it creates, or can aim to exploit the optical effect of shades. A tint with lightening created through reverse balayage, for example, manages to give an almost sculptural impression to the hair, which immediately becomes healthier and brighter at first sight. Reverse balayage is most often seen on light brown and blonde hair, but it also fits very well with darker shades, coppers and blacks.

How to cure and style reverse balayage at home

Clearly, it is a delicate and particular hairstyle that must be treated and cared for with care through specific colors that allow your hair not to discolour, thus losing the effect just created by lightening the lengths. So be careful to buy products for dyed hair that allow the color to reinvigorate and not to overdo it with lightening products, such as those with chamomile. Finally, to really show off all the beauty of reverse balayage, our suggestion is to opt for a wavy crease that will make your hair a riot of different shades.