Rice cooking water, a powerful anti-aging ally?

Rice cooking water, a powerful anti-aging ally?

The Chinese social network TikTok is full of beauty tips of all kinds, from the craziest to the most effective, but the latest one is truly surprising. A Korean user reveals the beauty secret of his 44-year-old mother, who moisturizes her face with steam from rice cooking water to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. A tip that would be infallible according to the main interested party.

But why hadn’t we thought of it before? This is the question we ask ourselves every time a new tip emerges on the Asian platform, even when the latter actually refers to what we commonly call a “grandmother’s remedy”. . The fact remains that most of the time, let’s say quite often, the beauty advice and gestures provided here and there on the Chinese social network are not only effective, but also economical and ecological—it is nevertheless necessary to exclude all eccentric, even dangerous tips. And the latest discovery is likely to cause a lot of discussion since it would make it possible to overcome one of the signs of aging most feared by women—or by society—namely wrinkles.

We owe this unusual beauty video to user Justin Yoon (@justinyooniverse). The young Korean, who seems more fond of video games than beauty advice, shares the routine of his 44-year-old mother, Lauren Kim (@yooniversemom), herself a user of the platform. Her son explains in this short film of almost 40 seconds, which has generated more than 29 million views, that his mother appears more to be in her twenties than her forties, and goes through her entire daily routine. At the end of the video, he himself emphasizes that his father adopted a “strange” but ultimately effective beauty gesture: moisturizing his face daily with the steam from the rice cooking water. A tip that would allow her to maintain smooth and plump skin, without any signs related to age.

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Note, however, that the routine of the main person concerned is actually based on an exemplary lifestyle, otherwise aligned with well-known health recommendations: moderate to vigorous physical activity, regular, a healthy and balanced diet which is essentially based on vegetables, and a beauty routine made up of masks, massages, and therefore rice water steam. As we will have understood, Lauren Kim has embraced the fashionable concept of holistic beauty, which consists of considering beauty as a whole, internally and externally, and therefore adopting a healthy lifestyle which is reflected on the skin. It is therefore difficult to gauge in this case whether the steam emanating from cooking rice really plays a role in preventing wrinkles.

This is not the first time that rice water has caused a buzz on the Chinese social network, far from it. An ancestral ritual in certain cultures, rice water has even been known for its thousand and one virtues for centuries in Asia. Not only would it be a great ally for combination to oily skin which tends to shine during the day, but it would also help combat certain signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is the hair that benefits from the benefits of rice water in Asia due to its ability to make it stronger, voluminous, and shiny, when used in the form of a mask. An economical tip which has the added benefit of being ecological, thanks to the recycling of cooking water.

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