Ripped jeans, here’s how to wear them at any age and be perfect!

Ripped jeans, how to wear them? If you have always tried to wear them in your looks but have never found the outfit that fully reflects you, read all the style secrets here on CheDonna! To be perfect at any age!

Fashion has no age! This is the first fashion rule that all of us should learn by heart! However, there are some small style rules that can help us to create perfect outfits at any age! For example, how to best use ripped jeans without looking out of place? Let’s find out together!

Ripped jeans

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In the world of fashion there are clothing items that put us fashion lovers to the test.

One of these is the absolute ripped jeans. We never know if it is better to wear it in more sporty looks or it is possible to do it in more elegant outfits. We don’t know whether or not to wear it on more formal occasions, or if it is suitable for our age.

Today in this license plate style guide CheWoman we’re about to find out all the details that will never make you wrong again, and wear ripped jeans to the top!

Ripped jeans: 3 looks that make the difference! Here’s how to make them!

Ripped jeans are super trendy, which is why we have to wear them in our outfits. Always remember that it is not a single garment that changes the style of the outfit but the whole. So here’s how to wear it, even in the most formal situations.

Ripped jeans

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Let’s get to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to wear ripped jeans at any age:

  • white t-shirt and sneakers: the simplest look is the one that always works. Match your jeans with a white cotton t-shirt and a white sneakers. Sporty chic look great for walks with friends!
  • turtleneck sweater and ankle boot with heelso: for a more chic style that is also good for office days, combine your jeans with a turtleneck sweater with a black ankle boot with heel. Chic in the blink of an eye!
  • Oversized shirt and stiletto heel: for dinner out use your ripped jeans, but wear an oversized white shirt and a stiletto heel. Close everything with a handbag and a light cloth coat. You will be perfect! By the way, The hat in autumn: wear it like this to be on top!

Ripped jeans

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The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman trendiest of the moment, which saw how you make top looks with ripped jeans.

See you next style guide! For all the updates in real time from the world of fashion!