Romantic encounters: here is the important criterion for 87% of singles over 50

Romantic encounters: here is the important criterion for 87% of singles over 50

There is no age to find (or regain) love. On the other hand, there are different expectations. What is the most important criterion for singles over 50? A dating service conducted the investigation.

The word single is not reserved for young people looking for a family life, far from it. According to a study carried out in 2021, of the 23 million single people in Europe, 9 million are over 50 years old. People who have not lost their ideals, and who agree on the definition of a perfect encounter, as demonstrated by the site DisonsDemain, the dating service dedicated to singles over 50.

A desire to live your dreams more urgent than ever

To understand the aspirations of singles over 50, the service used a study carried out by Meetic. And the results speak for themselves: at this age, we no longer want to “dream our life, but live our dreams”. Is it the passing of time, the fact of spending hours at work? The urgency is in any case, 82% of singles surveyed want more than ever to make their dreams come true, and 75% are doing everything possible to one day be able to make them come true.

According to the survey, this quest reflects the need to maintain a sense of individual accomplishment and to continue seeking new challenges, regardless of age. To stay alive, in short!

Having dreams in common, the number 1 criterion

Therefore, the connection between two singles aged 50 and over is largely based on this dream desire. It is even the number 1 criterion for daily commitment, to accomplish oneself without denying one's own desire.

  • For 87% of those questioned, sharing the same dream would make it easier to create a bond and plan ahead.
  • 83% of respondents said that having shared dreams makes a relationship stronger.

“These results demonstrate that sharing the same aspirations is an essential element in building meaningful and fulfilling relationships, thus forming the basis of a relation durable“.

In addition, know that a person who has dreams is more attractive to 75% of singles.

What do people over 50 dream of?

And what are the dreams of these single people who hope to enjoy life to the fullest? In the majority of cases, it is dreams of grandeur that prevail: the majority dream of winning the lottery (58%) to free themselves from all financial constraints and have the freedom to travel, such as touring the world (28%) or see the Northern Lights (28%)

More accessible but just as exotic, 20% dream of dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant, and 18% aspire to fly to Egypt to discover the pyramids. But whatever your dream, whether simple or big, with age it is no longer about cheating or adapting to the aspirations of others.

“You must pursue your dreams with passion and determination, and the journey of life reinforces this conviction. More than ever, those over 50 are keen to realize their dreams, the key to ultimate accomplishment. And what could be more beautiful than sharing this accomplishment together by having solid fundamentals based on common aspirations? declares Julie Deffontaines, Brand Content Marketing Director for DisonsDemain.

So at the next meeting, don't hesitate to ask THE question that could perhaps determine everything: what are your dreams?