Running 2 to 3 km several times a week can improve life expectancy, study finds

Running 2 to 3 km several times a week can improve life expectancy, study finds

If many of us get discouraged by a (too) long sports session, good news: it would actually be enough to run just a few kilometers to benefit from this activity. Update on this announcement, with the help of Vincent Roche, physiotherapist and physical trainer.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to run miles and miles to obtain significant health benefits. A new study indicates that a run of just three kilometers – carried out several times a week – would be enough. Explanations.

1 to 2 hours of running per week

To better understand the impact of running on our health, a research team, led by Dr O’Keefe, conducted the survey among regular runners.

The group of researchers analyzed the health and sports data of around 5,000 European adults aged 20 to 92.

Result ? Compared to non-runners, candidates who ran between one to 2.4 hours per week at a slow or moderate pace saw their mortality rate decrease. They also enjoyed greater reductions in mortality – than runners who covered more miles at a faster pace.

Positive effects from the start of the race

Another telling example: a study carried out among 55,000 Americans, aged 18 to 100.

The scientists here revealed that running five to ten minutes a day – and at a slow pace – was associated with “significantly reduced risks” of death, whatever the cause. This micro race also proved sufficient to extend a person’s life by several years.

When it comes to running, the biggest health and mortality benefits occur early on“, assures Dr. Duck-chul Lee, one of the authors of the study and associate professor of epidemiology of physical activity at Iowa State University. “Even running less than a mile – assuming a person runs at least several times per week – is enough to significantly improve cardiovascular health and longevity.”he confides.

How to start running? (and stick to it)

The first thing to do is to write down your objectives on paper, to make this project concrete. Creating a cover letter and hanging it in the bathroom is particularly effective. By rereading it every day, we coach ourselves, we order ourselves this routine“, reveals Vincent Roche.

Then, to motivate yourself to put on your sneakers without complaining, the fitness trainer recommends “break down your goals“.

Instead of saying “I’m going out to go running”; you have to break down the steps to get outside. Instead, we say to ourselves: I put on my shoes, I go to my door, I walk… and finally, we start running. Because the hardest part – getting out – is over“, explains the physiotherapist. Finally “We stick to this routine for three weeks, that’s the most important thing. Then, the pleasure comes gradually, and we are really “out of the woods” once you have passed the 3 month mark. At this moment, if we stopped the race, this time of pleasure, this moment of oneself would be missed“, underlines the expert.

And for those who don’t like running? “Walking is also very good; the objective is above all to get out“, concludes the expert.