Russian manicure: what is it?

Russian manicure: what is it?

Russian manicure is an aesthetic trend that has grown more and more in recent years. His promise? Show off perfect nails. But what exactly does this treatment consist of? What’s the difference with a classic manicure? It all depends on one tool: the sander. Johanna Blanc, nail technician specializing in Russian manicure in Marseille, enlightens us on this method of beautifying the nail.

The Russian manicure technique: what does this method consist of?

Russian manicure is performed using a sander. It consists of deeply removing the cuticles, that is to say the small dead skin which covers the base of the nails. The Russian manicure then allows you to clean the entire contour of the nail, thus reinforcing this impression of cleanliness. The cuticle is lifted and pushed back using various sander bits, then carefully cut. “The nail plate is then perfectly cleared, making it easier to apply semi-permanent varnish, false nails or gel. Unlike a classic manicure, this very precise protocol leaves no small skin and offers a quite impressive result., explains nail technician Johanna Blanc. “Russian manicure is a detailed manicure.she adds.

This treatment is generally practiced in high-end establishments, in certain beauty institutes and by independent and specialized nail technicians, such as Johanna Blanc in Marseille.

Are there any dangers in Russian manicure?

Although there are no particular contraindications linked to Russian manicure, some precautions should nevertheless be taken. According to expert Johanna Blanc, it is important to be vigilant when choosing the professional. This person must be trained in Russian manicure to avoid the risk of injury, but also have adequate, clean and sterilized equipment. Perfect hygiene is recommended to limit the intrusion of germs.

For state-of-the-art cleanliness, the Russian manicure expert explains the system put in place. “First of all, we use an ultrasonic device which allows all the sander tips to be cleaned and disinfected. These are then left to dry over a long period of 24 hours., explains the specialist. “Then, these specific tools are inserted into a sterilizing machine. During an appointment, the professional must use a cleaned and sterilized Russian manicure kit for each client., explains Johanna Blanc. If you have any doubts, before your appointment, do not hesitate to ask the professional supervising this hand and nail treatment.

How long does a Russian manicure last?

The impeccable result obtained with this technique can last up to 4 to 5 weeks. Therefore, the client is not obliged to return every 15 days. This long-lasting effect is possible thanks to the in-depth work done on the cuticles.

Back at home, Johanna Blanc recommends moisturizing the nail contour well with a hand cream or even better, a cuticle oil.

How to remove a Russian manicure?

Russian manicure being a treatment for the hands and nails, it cannot be removed. The cuticle, in fact, will grow back naturally. “If the client wishes to maintain her cuticles and renew the sanding of the nail, she can perform a Russian manicure every month., specifies Johanna Blanc. The more the technique is repeated, the more the cuticles soften and are easier to remove.

How much does a Russian manicure cost?

The price of a Russian manicure is usually higher than other types of manicures. This is explained by the fact that it is a protocol that lasts longer, as the technique is meticulous. “For a Russian manicure, it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. A duration which varies depending on the desired varnish application. A classic varnish application, semi-permanent or nail art varies the duration of the appointment”underlines the nail technician.

This is why the price of this hand treatment is more expensive. Depending on the region, the price of a Russian manicure with application of a semi-permanent varnish varies between €50 and €80. However, it is also possible to do this hand treatment without applying varnish immediately afterwards.

How to do a beautiful Russian manicure at home?

Although Russian manicure kits are sold online, it is strongly not recommended to perform a Russian manicure at home without a professional. This technique is complex and requires specific training to be performed safely.

How do I find an appointment for a Russian manicure near me?

Russian manicure is not a treatment available in all institutes, on the one hand because the completion time is quite long, and on the other hand because many beauticians or nail technicians are not trained in it. However, it is easy to find an appointment near you, by consulting specialized sites or social networks with discernment. Remember that it is important to ensure that the professional contacted is trained and rigorous in hygiene protocol.

And finally… What is Russian pedicure?

It’s the same process that applies, this time, to the feet! As with the hands, the contours of the nail are well defined and smooth. Russian pedicure improves the general appearance of toenails and enhances the application of varnish or gel.