Sephora Kids, what are the dangers for our children?

Sephora Kids, what are the dangers for our children?

If you are a fan of social networks, you may have seen this new trend: that of young girls beauty influencers, who we call Sephora kids, in reference to the famous cosmetics brand. Very young, they film themselves and already apply to the letter the correct way to apply cosmetics and other beauty products. What are the risks ? Explanations from Marie Jourdan, dermatologist member of the TipsForWomens expert committee.

Makeup tutorials filmed and broadcast on social networks would not be surprising if they did not involve little girls aged 9 and 12 on average, sometimes less, doing the trick. Indeed, these “Sephora kids” or “Sephora children” in reference to the famous cosmetics brand, are more and more numerous on Instagram or TikTok. Sometimes, it’s even parents who post these videos.

Little girls attracted by adult makeup and cosmetics

Very young girls, having grown up with Youtube and social networks, are therefore highlighted through their own accounts, where they act as adult beauty influencers. They present their arguments to explain the effectiveness of this or that beauty or makeup product, do “hauls”, that is to say they film themselves unpacking their purchases made in this or that store, share GRWM “Get Ready With Me” or “Preparez-vous avec moi” sessions in which they film their makeup of the day… A phenomenon that is worrying in many ways.

Products not necessarily suitable for children’s skin

The trend concerns much more young girls across the Atlantic, aged between 9 and 12 years old on average, who are snapping up products from the Drunk Elephant or Byoma brands, but also celebrity brands like Fenty Beauty from the singer Rihanna.

Are these products suitable for the fragile skin of children who have not yet entered their teenage years? “No” clearly answers Marie Jourdan, dermatologist member of the TipsForWomens expert committee. “For young girls of this age, a moisturizer is enough. By using products intended for adults, they risk irritating their skin and causing allergies, by becoming intolerant to certain substances.. However, the dermatologist does not blame the practice. “These young girls are playing, imitating and learning femininity, it’s normal at this age. What is debatable, however, is the publication of these videos on social networks“.

An exhibition of children for all to see, including pedophiles

Indeed, beyond the danger for their skin, another, more serious threat concerns the exposure of these little girls to the whole world. These videos shock the general public in certain countries, because if in the United States the phenomenon is growing, it remains confidential in France for example, where waves of negative comments denounce these practices.

More serious, the same comments under the videos of these little girls are sometimes indecent and totally inappropriate, coming from (very) ill-intentioned people, without the platforms really fighting against these abuses. Without forgetting the question of the consent of these young girls who are minors and especially very young, who may suffer the consequences of these images years later, the Internet forgetting nothing.