Sequins, the new weapon to detect men’s infidelity and lies

Sequins, the new weapon to detect men's infidelity and lies

Normally, glitter is intended to brighten up makeup or an outfit. But this shiny accessory has more functions than you might think. American Internet users use it to monitor their partner, to detect their slightest lie or infidelity, or to take revenge on an ex who cheated on them.

People who use glitter in makeup or wear sparkly clothing know: it’s very complicated to get rid of completely. This shiny powder gets everywhere and you can have it left for days or even weeks. This longevity makes glitter an ideal tool for monitoring your other half. Internet users, mainly women, flood TikTok with videos in which they hide glitter everywhere to test the loyalty of their partner, or monitor them.

Chrissy J, for example, advises all women who suspect their significant other of infidelity to hide glitter in the car’s vanity mirror. If your partner puts another woman in the car, she will open the passenger side sun visor and the mirror, letting hidden shiny particles escape. They would then spread in the car and become concrete proof of his infidelity, according to these Internet users.

@chrissy.j.xx we all know a girl will look in that mirror at some point 😏 glitter doesnt lie✨️ NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY #relatable #relationships #hack #glittergirl ♬ Cheatin’ (feat. MALIKA) – Nathan Dawe

With glitter, this American also keeps a close eye on her husband. She hides some in the bathroom or toilet to find out if her husband has cleaned the house as she asked him to.

Another use for this shiny powder: revenge. A myriad of videos show deceived women spilling glitter absolutely everywhere in their ex-partner’s apartment, but also in their shoes and clothes. All on a song advocating “girl power”. “I did this to my ex and I can say his xbox was very nice“, we can read in the comments of a video taken up by Moxi Moments in which a woman fills the pockets of men’s pants with glitter. Some compete in imagination by offering to pour glitter into the connected water pipe in the washing machine.

@moximoments He’s spending the next few years trying to get rid of all that glitter 😂 (via: @Nicole) 🎶: @Olivia Rodrigo ‘vampire’ #ex #revenge ♬ vampire – Olivia Rodrigo