She did the “strawberry test”. This is what happens to your skin when you only wash your face with your hands

She did the "strawberry test".  This is what happens to your skin when you only wash your face with your hands

Daily skin care is very important. After a whole day, not only bacteria and viruses, but also sweat, dust and other impurities accumulate on the face. Makeup also burdens the skin to some extent, so to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance, you should avoid this common mistake.

She did the strawberry test.  This is what happens to your skin when you only wash your face with your hands

Washing your face is simple, all you need is some of your favorite liquid, foam or soap and, of course, water. It turns out that when we do this activity only with our hands, our skin is still full of impurities. This is shown by a simple strawberry test.

What is the strawberry test? It shows our mistakes

For some women, removing makeup is just a matter of washing their face with their favorite liquid. A video has appeared on social media which shows how this type of practice can be harmful to our skin and contribute to skin problems.

Two friends run a TikTok channel where they share skin care tips. This time they decided to share a video showing a strawberry smeared with foundation. Then, to remove the cosmetic, the woman pours a face wash gel into her moistened hand and then rubs the fruit to thoroughly remove the remnants of the makeup. He rinses the strawberry under running water and shows the results.

It turns out that this type of hygiene does not allow for thorough cleansing of the skin. There is a lot of cosmetic left in the pores of the fruit. Our skin will behave exactly the same. Therefore, it is worth washing your face again or using a special, delicate facial brush with silicone protrusions to thoroughly clean the entire face.

Poorly cleansed face. The effects will appear quickly

Facial care has a big impact on what ultimately happens to the skin. Therefore, this issue is important not only in the context of wrinkles, but also other problems. Poorly cleansed skin has limited access to oxygen, and product residues clog pores, causing pimples and irritations to appear.

The skin may start to become oily because the secretion processes in the sebaceous glands are disturbed and there will be a lot of sebum on the face. Improper hygiene is the first step to the appearance of acne or the exacerbation of the problem.

People who do not want to see the first wrinkles too early should also take care to cleanse their face thoroughly. Applying serum or cream to poorly washed skin will not bring the expected results because the product will not be absorbed properly.