Should we (force ourselves to) wish the New Year?

Should we (force ourselves to) wish the New Year?

At a time when political correctness seems to be outdated; should we still wish each other a happy new year? The response from our psychologist, Amélie Boukhobza.

Good year“,”best wishes“, “good health“… If the wording varies, the intention is always the same at the start of the year: to wish everyone good wishes. A necessary step? Not necessarily, believes our expert psychologist.

A very often diplomatic gesture

If they are sometimes sincere, the wishes are quite often the lot of habits and customs relating to political correctness. An injunction to be “polite”, to wish each other the best.

New Year’s greetings have a long history: they symbolize hope and goodwill for the year to come. It’s true that they can contribute to maintaining social relationships and being part of a community. Yet this tradition can also be burdensome for some, especially those who are not feeling particularly optimistic or who are going through difficult times.”, confides Amélie Boukhobza. “Conforming to them may thus be the result of social pressure that does not correspond to them“.

In this case, should you wish a Happy New Year, even though it can be complicated for you? Should we please others to avoid drama? And above all, is it still relevant to express wishes, when we have no influence on the health of others and even less on the fulfillment of their desires?

Good in his body, good in his head!

The correct answer “does not exist”

For our expert psychologist, it is difficult to give a firm answer.

I would rather say that we must find a way to respect a balance between respect for traditions and loyalty to ourselves, to our feelings and to our current state. For example, you cannot force someone who has lost a loved one to say good wishes! And we must respect his “choice” or rather his unavailability for this“, she says.

Everyone is “free to do as he pleases after all!“, she recalls.

The right attitude to adopt, ultimately? Wish (only if you want to!) a Happy New Year to the loved ones you love and forget about your wishes for people you don’t like.

Because wishing a happy new year to clear your conscience is not very useful. Better to keep this time and energy to yourself.

The opportunity to ask yourself the right questions about the past year and to come?