Should you put your cosmetics in the freezer? A dermatologist answers

Should you put your cosmetics in the freezer?  A dermatologist answers

On Tiktok, several users say they store their cosmetics… directly in the freezer, following the good advice of an American beautician. Is cold still a crazy idea, or does it have benefits for the skin? A dermatologist takes stock.

Should we “glaze” our anti-wrinkle or moisturizing serums and creams to increase their effects on the skin? The idea comes to us from an American beautician who was able to convince many TikTokers to place their toner in the freezer drawer. But for what reasons?

A beneficial effect of cold on the skin

Cold in cosmetics would have a beneficial effect on the skin, particularly in routine, as confirmed by dermatologist Nadine Pomarède, founder of the DermoMedicalCenter, cited by the magazine Elle.

“Cold can stimulate certain actions of the skin, such as giving it a decongestant effect, boosting its radiance by stimulating microcirculation, stimulating the release of endorphins or even activating cell renewal by acting on the penetration of calcium into the cells” she agrees.

The idea is also gaining ground: certain products, such as eye contours, already benefit from a “cool” or frozen effect, and “mini-fridges” for cosmetics are currently flourishing in the bathrooms of fashionistas.

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Freezing your products, a useless habit

If the cold brings a little extra to our cosmetics, should we freeze them as Sofie Pavitt, an American beauty expert, claims? Not for the dermatologist who considers the practice useless, the frozen or ice cube side providing nothing more than the cold of a refrigerator. “Aqueous cosmetic products such as lotion or serum may be beneficial to store in the refrigerator, not necessarily in the freezer. she confirms.

In addition, you should know that cold is not suitable for all types of products: therefore all oil-based products, fatty solutions, should not be put even in the refrigerator because the cold could alter their qualities. No need to reserve a drawer in your freezer!