Sleep, diet… what are the virtues of autumn?

Sleep, diet... what are the virtues of autumn?

Autumn is here, and it doesn’t just bring grayness and seasonal depression. No, this season is also ideal for taking care of yourself! Our medical director, Dr. Gérald Kierzek, explains why.

After a rather long Indian summer, we have finally entered autumn. But if this period can evoke seasonal depression for some, it also offers many benefits for our health, both mental and physical. The proof by five.

Fresher air

Much cooler than in summer, autumn air is also less polluted than summer air. “Which is beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory problems” evokes our expert. It is also an air that contains fewer allergens, “the end of flowering can relieve the symptoms of allergy sufferers”. Finally, lower temperatures can reduce the risks associated with extreme heat, such as heatstroke. In short, we breathe!

Seasonal food

Treating yourself to seasonal food in autumn is also the best way to stock up on good nutrients for the body. “Fall offers an abundance of nutrient-dense foods like squash, apples, and nuts, which are good for the immune system.” call our doctor back. Fruits very rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and kiwis, which promote better morale and help strengthen the immune system, are also on the menu.

More enjoyable physical activity

If you need to move, you will find autumn the ideal time to exercise without sweating too much. “The cooler climate is ideal for outdoor activities, which can contribute to better fitness.”

Better sleep

You may not know it, but winter time, which we have adopted recently, corresponds more to our biological clock. The reduction in light thus promotes the production of melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone. We are thus more in tune with our nature. Additionally adds Dr. Kierzek, “For some people, cooler temperatures contribute to better sleep. But even though the days are getting shorter, exposure to natural light in the fall is important for maintaining the circadian rhythm and can help prevent seasonal depression.”

Less stress

And the fall colors in all this? They also play their role! So, according to our doctor, “contemplating warm-colored autumn landscapes can be relaxing and reduce stress.” In addition, it is also a season, where we naturally slow down and refocus a little more on ourselves (because of the time). Enough to pamper your mental health.

“CHowever, autumn can also bring its share of challenges such as the drop in light affecting mood and the increased risk of flu or colds. It is therefore important to adapt and take care of your health with the arrival of autumn.” A message to keep in mind to make the most of this season.