Is Skyr really the best yogurt for our health or a scam? The opinion of the UFC-Que Choisir

Is Skyr really the best yogurt for our health or a scam?  The opinion of the UFC-Que Choisir

A trendy specialty from Iceland, Skyr has found its place in the fresh produce section. Really beneficial for health or marketing scam? UFC-Que Choisir and our expert share their opinion with you on this product so appreciated by its consumers.

What is the difference between Skyr and classic yogurt?

Skyr is an Icelandic specialty rich in protein and low in fat. On average, this product is more than 30% more protein than classic yogurt. This is due to the very specific manufacturing process. The draining stage allows the material to be concentrated, and therefore to preserve more proteins.

Dietitian Alexandra Murcier adds: “Be careful to read the labels on this type of product. The name Skyr has drifted a bit and some can actually be very high in calories. This is also the case for flavored versions which lose the benefits of Skyr because they are too sweet and contain more additives..

On the other hand, it is a fairly expensive product, especially compared to ordinary yogurt. Indeed, according to UFC-Que-Choisir, the price of Skyr is around €9 per kilo for the Monoprix Gourmet and Siggi’s brands, or between 3 and 6 times more expensive than low-fat white cheese.

Do we really need to eat it?

Products containing a lot of protein play a role in the satiety process and act as “appetite suppressant” foods. However, according to nutritionist Alexandra Murcier: “Satiety is impacted by several factors. The amount of protein or eating slowly both play a role in this process.. The Skyr would therefore not stall significantly compared to a yogurt that we would eat slowly.

On the other hand, the nutritionist explains that “Generally, our daily diet more than covers our protein needs. It is therefore not necessary to resort to protein supplements, even for vegetarians..

Questioned by UFC-Que Choisir, Claire Gaudichon, expert in nutrition and eating behavior at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE): “Our consumption is generally equivalent to that recommended for endurance athletes. It is therefore rarely useful to increase it, even if you practice physical activity regularly..

Skyr or little Swiss?

According to UFC-Que Choisir, fresh petit-suisse type cheeses contain as much protein as skyrs. But sold in tiny plastic pots and surrounded by paper soaked in preservatives, they would therefore be less recommendable.

So who is the Skyr recommended for?

According to Alexandra Murcier, Skyr is recommended for certain types of people such as athletes, people wishing to lose weight and undernourished people, such as the elderly.

In the case of people wishing to lose weight, it is recommended not to overuse this product. Indeed, “people think that it is an effective yogurt for weight loss because it is healthy even though it is mostly a rich yogurt. Someone who wants to lose weight should not eat four skyrs a day. I recommend Skyr as long as they correctly read the labels and nutritional contents of this type of product.”adds nutritionist Alexandra Murcier.