Sleep: here is the best position to sleep according to a doctor

Sleep: here is the best position to sleep according to a doctor

People who struggle to fall asleep may wonder if there is an ideal position to quickly fall into the arms of Morpheus. According to a sleep specialist, there is indeed a position to favor. Explanations.

Every night, it’s the same story: you keep turning over in your bed, unable to fall asleep. Is there a position to fall asleep quickly and sleep better? According to sleep specialist Katharina Lederle, it seems so.

Sleeping on your side has benefits for better sleep

In reality, whether we suffer from sleep disorders or not, we all want to optimize our rest time, so that it is both restful and restorative. According to sleep specialists, sleeping on your side is the best position for getting to sleep.

And for Dr. Katharina Lederle, sleeping on your left side has benefits. Interviewed by the British online magazine Stylist, she explains: “It is definitely better for pregnant women. Sleeping on the left side helps improve blood circulation in the mother and between the mother and the fetus, in the uterus.“This could be the case for everyone, actually, because lying on your left side.”appears to reduce pressure on internal organs and allows for better blood flow“.

Side may vary, depending on health concerns

Scientific studies have focused on the question of sleeping position. Sleeping on the left side may reduce acid reflux compared to the right side.

But for people with heart problems, the right side seems preferable. “Side sleeping helps clear out brain waste that has naturally accumulated during the day. However, we turn or move while we sleep and this is necessary to remove pressure points in our bloodstream, which can happen if we constantly stay in one position. So don’t force yourself to sleep a certain way.” estimates the specialist.

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What are the other possible positions for sleeping?

Apart from the lateral position, Dr Katharina Lederle advises sleeping on your back, with a thin pillow, to keep the position as horizontal as possible.

On the other hand, the position that is totally not recommended is that on the stomach. In fact, it requires you to turn your head to one side to breathe, which ultimately leads to spinal imbalance and back pain.

For the specialist, the important thing is to sleep in a position that is comfortable for us. “When in bed, try to lie down symmetrically, making sure your neck, spine, hips and knees are aligned” she says. “Next, try sleeping on your side but don’t force yourself to do so, and don’t feel guilty if you wake up lying on your back or stomach. Try again the next night. And remember that changing your sleeping position during the night is normal.” she concludes.