Smart watches and bracelets: what to buy at the beginning of 2024

Smart watches and bracelets: what to buy at the beginning of 2024

For many, wearable devices have already become part of their everyday wardrobe. They can not only show the time, but also wake you up in the morning, monitor your health and help you in sports. However, there are many models on the market – from inexpensive bracelets costing about 3,000 rubles. up to a watch for the price of a smartphone. We decided to figure out which devices deserve attention at the beginning of 2024.

Clock for Android

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 и Watch 6 Classic

Samsung smart watches run on Google’s operating system and are compatible with any Android smartphone. They do not connect to iPhone. This is one of the best watches on the market in terms of performance, quality of materials and speed.

The model is available in two versions – Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. Technically, there are almost no differences between them: the batteries, straps, processor and screen are the same. But the Galaxy Watch 6 has an aluminum case, while the Watch 6 Classic has a steel case. Another “classic” version received a mechanical rotating bezel for control. It helps you scroll through menus and apps without touching the screen. Due to the materials and rotating bezel, the Classic version is more expensive than the regular version, although the functions are the same.

The screen of Samsung watches is covered with protective sapphire glass, which is highly resistant to scratches. The display itself is very bright, high-quality and responsive – the menu even has a high sensitivity mode that allows you to operate the watch with gloves.

Applications are downloaded from the Google Play store. Therefore, the choice of programs is huge: you can install Gmail, YouTube Music, WhatsApp (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Europe) and other applications that are usually used on the phone on the watch. There are even simple games. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has an advanced operating system that most smartwatches cannot boast of. This model can also receive and answer calls directly from the wrist.

The watch can measure heart rate, skin surface temperature, calories burned and distance traveled. Can assess sleep quality and blood oxygen levels. They can even record snoring and measure body composition (just like modern bathroom scales do). The quality of measurements is high – the monitoring results can be trusted.

However, there are also limitations. Some features (such as ECG) are available on Samsung smartphones. It is in conjunction with devices of the same brand that these watches reveal themselves best. If heart rate measurement is not the most important function for you, you can use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 with any Android smartphone.


Clock for iOS

Apple Watch 9

This is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it only works with Apple products. But the integration into the brand ecosystem is excellent. For example, you can use your watch to unlock your MacBook or iPhone without entering a password.

There is no separate store for installing applications, but the watch does not require this – it downloads versions of programs installed on the iPhone. This is very convenient, because you can access most smartphone applications directly from your wrist.

The Apple Watch 9 has high-quality case materials, a very bright screen, pleasant vibration and a comfortable strap – the watch feels like a premium device. But the cost of this model cannot be called modest.

The watch accurately tracks the health status of its owner. Apple Watch 9 takes an ECG and measures oxygen in the blood, monitors sleep quality, and gives training recommendations. There are also additional useful functions – for example, the watch will tell you if you haven’t washed your hands very thoroughly. They can also track their gait, determining how smooth it is – this will help them correct their posture and choose shoes in time, without waiting for serious health problems.

Short battery life is a price to pay for application support and a bright display. If you use Apple Watch 9 actively, you will have to charge it every evening. For less demanding users they will last about two days.


Universal watch

Amazfit GTS 4

This is not a very expensive model, but it has many advantages. The Amazfit watch fits well on the wrist and lasts a long time. And they will appeal to lovers of healthy lifestyles thanks to the abundance of built-in sports functions.

Amazfit GTS 4 has a universal design with a rectangular dial – the model looks like an Apple Watch. But the materials of the case and screen are simpler, because these watches are much cheaper.

The watch has an advanced health sensor that monitors stress levels, heart rate and blood oxygen around the clock. There is protection against moisture (the watch is suitable for swimming in the pool) and control over sleep quality.

Another advantage of Amazfit is its good battery life when compared to Samsung and Apple devices. In case of not too active use, the watch will last 10–12 days without recharging.

This model has an analogue called Amazfit GTR 4. The main differences are in the larger round case. They also have a more capacious battery, so the watch can work longer without recharging. However, due to its large dimensions, the GTR 4 is not suitable for everyone. Girls, teenagers and those with small wrists should take a closer look at the model with a rectangular screen – it is more convenient.


Inexpensive watches

Amazfit Bip 5

One of the most compact and inexpensive models from the popular brand. At the same time, Amazfit Bip 5 boasts good battery life and advanced health monitoring.

The savings for the sake of lowering the cost are clearly visible here: the materials of the case and strap are simple. But Bip 5 turned out to be light and comfortable, and is also sold in different colors.

The screen also became a victim of economy. The watch has a simple IPS matrix, the brightness of which is not always enough in the sun. There is also no light sensor, so Amazfit Bip 5 cannot adjust the brightness on its own – this will have to be done manually. But competitors in this price category have similar shortcomings.

There is a set of simple but useful applications like a timer, alarm clock and stopwatch. You won’t be able to talk using the watch, but you can control your music player, read notifications from instant messengers and social networks, view the weather forecast, count your steps, and assess your stress level. Amazfit Bip 5 also received advanced functions, such as monitoring sleep quality and blood oxygen levels.

Thanks to its simple design and not very bright screen, the watch can work for quite a long time without recharging. If you use Bip 5 actively, they will last about five days. And for thrifty owners, this gadget lasts more than a week on one battery charge.


Premium watches

Huawei Watch Ultimate

Expensive watches from a Chinese brand that use advanced technologies and high-quality materials. They have a brutal style and considerable weight, so they are not suitable for everyone. This model will look good in combination with a formal men’s suit or on an athlete’s wrist.

The watch case is metal. The company says that the Huawei Watch Ultimate uses zirconium alloy, which is durable and resistant to corrosion. The back panel is made of ceramic, and the screen is covered with sapphire crystal. It is impossible to find fault with the quality of materials; the tactile sensations from the watch are excellent. The display is also excellent – large, colorful and responsive.

The watch can analyze ECG, measure the level of arterial stiffness, monitor sleep, temperature, oxygen level in the blood and many other parameters – a detailed health assessment. Huawei Watch Ultimate will also delight the owner with a set of sports functions. For example, this model is suitable for diving – few smart watches can boast of this.


For serious sports and active recreation

Garmin Fenix ​​7x