Smash cake: what is this trend for celebrating baby’s birthday?

Smash cake: what is this trend for celebrating baby's birthday?

To mark a child’s first birthday, some parents are always looking for the most original idea. To create beautiful memories for your child, you can opt for a smash cake. Here’s how to organize it.

It’s a fashion that appeals to many parents, even among celebrities. This is the smash cake, a little production prepared for a child’s first birthday. But what does this consist of?

Smash cake: stock up on memories for your birthday

To remember your little one’s first birthday, there’s nothing like a photo shoot. But rather than taking classic photos, which are quite banal in short, you can opt for a “smash cake” session.

The principle is simple: just prepare a soft cake, covered with ganache or whipped cream and place Baby on a tablecloth, with the cake in front of him, to let him destroy it. Spontaneously, the child will plunge his hands into the cake, both to taste it but also to reduce it to mush! It’s then a good time to take photos from all angles, with Baby covered in chocolate or whipped cream, much more fun than a traditional photoshoot in terms of memories.

Influencers and celebrities are getting in on the action

The smash cake is a lovely way to celebrate a child’s first birthday, which is sure to be everywhere! Moreover, the trend is so popular that celebrities and influencers have started it, to mark the first birthday of their offspring.

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The smash cake, which encourages Baby to tackle a cake for the first time, gives the child the impression of playing. But be careful not to make a mess, the cake, once completely crushed, cannot be served to the guests.

To avoid throwing it away, you can let the child dip their hands in it just once to take a few souvenir photos, and serve it all the same. Or prepare a miniature version, which will only be used for Baby and her photos.