These candles for raclettes and fondues are recalled throughout Europe

These candles for raclettes and fondues are recalled throughout France

As the raclette and fondue season is officially launched, “tea warmer” candles intended for this purpose are being recalled throughout Europe. They expose you to the risk of fire.

Do you enjoy raclette and traditional fondue evenings? However, be careful with the candles you may have purchased: several batches of special melted candles and raclettes from the COOKUT brand are now recalled. The wax could ignite and cause a fire hazard.

What items are recalled?

These are special candles for Raclette and Fondues from the COOKUT brand sold between June 1, 2023 and November 21, 2023, in the Du Bruit dans la Cuisine, Alice Délice brands and at independent resellers, throughout Europe, under the following references:

  • BOUV Candle raclettes GOLD version –
  • LUMI2OR Candle squeegees Copper version –
  • LUMI2CU Ref : BOUV

Several batches are affected by this recall:

  • Lots 3760341303136
  • Lots 3760341304300
  • Lots 3760341304317

Information importante : only candles in a gold container are affected. Candles in a red or silver aluminum container present no problem.

What’s wrong with these candles?

The batches of these candles are recalled for fire risk:

“In the event of use not in accordance with the instructions and not usual in the context of a raclette (3 candles lit for a long time without supervision), the wax of a candle may ignite, without any real risk of propagation outside the ‘device.”

If you have these candles, the action to follow is to no longer use them and contact the point of sale for a refund. This recall procedure will end on Sunday December 31, 2023.