Spend PLN 10 and enjoy the salon-like effect. This homemade hair mask will give you a sheeting effect

Spend PLN 10 and enjoy the salon-like effect.  This homemade hair mask will give you a sheeting effect

Hair lovers will be delighted. Here is a cheap, quick and very good way to refresh your hair. You have this product in your kitchen, it costs PLN 6, and it beats dry shampoos from the drugstore. Solve the problem of greasy hair for pennies.

Spend PLN 10 and enjoy the salon-like effect.  This homemade hair mask will give you a sheeting effect

Smooth, nourished and shiny hair is the dream of many women. When your hair suffers from cold and wind, and is more often hidden under hats and hoods, it is worth taking special care of it. In drugstores and pharmacies, shelves are filled with fancy conditioners and serums, and advertisements for hairdressing salons encourage you to try new fashionable treatments.

Of course, both professional treatments and good quality hair conditioners can work wonders if they are used regularly. Unfortunately, the price is an obstacle for many people. When your home budget does not allow you to use the above-mentioned “inventions”, try to return to proven home methods. Some of them were already used by our mothers and grandmothers.

Homemade hair smoothing conditioner

If your goal is perfectly smooth and shiny hair, like after keratin straightening in the salon, but you don’t want to take risks with home keratin treatments, reach for a potato flour mask.

How to use potato flour on hair?

First prepare the mask:

  • boil about 3 liters of water (preferably filtered so that it is not too hard)
  • Mix a tablespoon of potato flour in a little cold water
  • when the boiling water begins to boil, add flour mixed with water
  • mix until uniform consistency
  • set aside to cool.
  • Apply the cooled mass to your hair and wait for about 20 minutes. After this time, rinse the mask with lukewarm water. Then wash your hair with a light shampoo.

    What does potato starch do for hair?

    After such a treatment, the hair will become soft and slightly “satin” to the touch. Starch will also make them more susceptible to styling, including straightening. Fans of this home method believe that the effect obtained after using a home hair mask is comparable to that provided by cosmetics with silicone.

    If your hair is naturally rather straight, after using a potato flour mask you will achieve a flat effect, similar to the one you can get after a keratin hair straightening treatment. Unfortunately, as is natural with this type of home treatments, the effect is short-lived. If you want to keep your hair straight and soft for longer, you can repeat the treatment. However, remember not to overdo the frequency.

    Potato flour for oily hair

    Oily hair is a problem for many women. The cosmetic market is flooded with products that promise to effectively combat this problem, but unfortunately they are often expensive and contain many questionable ingredients. Therefore, it is worth using proven home methods.

    But what should we do when we have to leave the house unexpectedly and our hair is far from perfect? In such a situation, dry shampoo will come to the rescue, and when it has run out, starch or potato flour will be a great substitute. Just sprinkle it on your hair, massage it in gently, and after a minute, brush out the remnants of the product. Your hair will regain freshness and be ready for new challenges.

    Oily hair? Use baking powder

    Baking powder turns out to be invaluable in the care of hair prone to greasy hair. Its use is simple and does not require special skills. Just dissolve one packet of powder in a glass of lukewarm water and then use the resulting solution as a hair rinse or scalp scrub. After about 20 minutes, just rinse your hair thoroughly. Effect? Refreshed, shiny and voluminous hair, without unwanted frizz.

    However, it is worth remembering that greasy hair may be the result of improper care, but also a signal that something disturbing is happening in the body. Therefore, before you use home remedies, it is worth consulting your doctor. Also remember to perform an allergy test before using any new product.