“SPF cocktailing”, the summer beauty trend that worries doctors

"SPF cocktailing", the summer beauty trend that worries doctors

Many beauty tips regularly emerge on the TikTok social network. Recently, “SPF cocktailing” is making the buzz. The principle ? Mix your make-up products with your sunscreen to save time and avoid the white marks left by the sunscreen on the skin. While some followers encourage adopting this trick in their daily routine, experts warn of the potential risks.

Mixing your makeup with your sunscreen would be the new beauty tip for this summer. Nicknamed “SPF Cocktailing” by the TikTok sphere, this practice consists of mixing your sunscreen with your foundation, or illuminator, concealer, and applying this “cocktail” directly to the skin. This is in addition to the latest makeup tricks, such as “tantouring” or “spf layering”.

The objective of “SPF cocktailing” would be to avoid any white marks left by certain sunscreens. It would also save a lot of time on your morning beauty routine. In a few videos on TikTok, we can see Internet users mixing their sunscreen with their foundation on the back of their hands. Makeup would appear more radiant and natural. If in theory, the idea may seem ingenious, however, experts advise against trying to play the chemist with beauty products.

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A controversial and risky trend

Mixing sunscreen and other make-up products could compromise the beneficial effects of sunscreen. According to Dr. Caroline Robinson, an American dermatologist, approached by Byrdie, “sunscreen formulas involve chemistry that depends on how the product lays on the skin, so mixing with makeup may alter the composition”. By mixing products into the sunscreen, Dr. Marko Lens, a plastic surgeon who specializes in skin cancer, adds in the article that the cocktail can “alter the chemistry of sunscreen and affect how it protects the skin from UV rays”. The skin would therefore no longer be protected from the sun.

Added to this are the potential risks of exposing oneself to diseases linked to overexposure to the sun. “By mixing SPF with products such as concealer or highlighter, you leave the skin fully exposed to UV rays, which have a high risk of burning the skin and leading to skin cancer, not to mention the predisposition to aging premature”, clarifies Dr. Dr. Ross Perry, Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Care Clinics in The Independent.

If you want to avoid the ghostly complexion caused by sunscreen, several healthier solutions exist. Experts recommend, for example, the application of tinted sunscreens, which are made to leave a natural glow to the skin. However, some of these products indicate low sun protection, so be sure to apply sunscreen beforehand. You can also apply sunscreen and put on make-up once the product is completely absorbed by the skin, so you don’t run any risks.