Straight eyebrow, the trend of straight eyebrows: all Bella Hadid’s fault

Straight eyebrow, the trend of straight eyebrows: all Bella Hadid's fault
Straight eyebrow, the trend of straight eyebrows: all Bella Hadid's fault

The eyebrows for spring – summer 2023 are perhaps as thin as they were in the 2000s, and certainly straight: the fault of model Bella Hadid. On how to get straight eyebrows, read here.

Straight eyebrows for a feline look

Each decade brings with it a different fashion, including those concerning makeup and eyebrows, the real frames of our gaze, essential to characterize it. Lately, especially in Gen Z, it is very popular to completely lighten one’s eyebrows or even shave them to zero, to recreate an almost alienating effect on the gaze. Those who prefer to dare with caution, however, can certainly try straight eyebrows: it is a fashion in which the tip of the eyebrows is shaved to allow its shape to be reconstructed, making it straighter, “diagonal”, like a line that rises towards the temples and which gives a feline effect to our eyes.

Straight eyebrow: all Bella Hadid’s fault

The true pioneer of this trendy look in 2023 is the very famous model Bella Hadid, sister of the equally famous model Gigi. Bella, known to the general public (also) for the numerous aesthetic procedures she underwent, is also famous precisely for her unforgettable and magnetic gaze, whose strength also derives from the shape of the girl’s eyebrows. In addition to appearing more “austere” and captivating with these eyebrows, the trick (and the goal) is that the diagonal they draw visually lifts her face. Straight eyebrows represent, at least optically, the best way to “lift” the face in a natural way.

With make-up or with strong manners: how to follow the trend

To get straight eyebrows, if not like Bella Hadid’s, at least similar, there are basically two options. The first involves a drastic cut of the final part of the eyebrows, which is preferable to be done by epilation; alternatively, a simple razor blade can be used, but the rare effect will last much less than with other instruments. The second one, suitable for the less courageous, involves the use of specific makeup to hide the tip of the eyebrows, thus allowing us to redesign them above with a different shape and line.