Stranger Things pop up store in Milan: when and where?

Stranger Things pop up store in Milan: when and where?
Stranger Things pop up store in Milan: when and where?

The official Stranger Things pop up store is also arriving in Milan. It will be the largest in Europe and will hold several surprises for die-hard fans of the Netflix series; find out when you can visit the temporary shop!

The Stranger Things pop up store in Milan: the largest in Europe

Stranger Things, with its eighties aesthetic and taste for horror comedy which, in step with the growth of the protagonists of the story, becomes increasingly mature and intense, is a Netflix series that has truly conquered everyone, young and old. While awaiting the release of the fifth (and last?) season of the series, in which we will discover the fate of Eleven and his travel companions, a pop up store opens in Milan, i.e. a temporary shop, completely dedicated to the gadgets of the series and to its settings, which visitors will be able to visit and with which it will be possible to interact.

When, for how long and where the temporary shop opens

After New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami and other US cities, the pop up stores of the Stranger Things series also reach Italy and more precisely Milan, the capital of purchases and shopping that the marketing department of the gadgets of the series does not is let slip. The temporary pop up store will be inaugurated on Friday 5 May in Piazza Cesare Beccaria; admission will be free but in order to access the shop it will still be necessary to book through this site, subject to availability of seats during the following times:

  • from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 21.00 (last access to the shop at 20.30)
  • Sunday from 11 to 19 (last access at 18.30)

What can you find inside?

Inside the store it will be possible to have a 360-degree and super immersive experience of the Hawkins universe, wandering through rooms that will catapult us directly into the fabulous (or frightening) eighties of the American town infested with supernatural entities. In addition to the possible interactive experiences, which range from being able to visit Joyce’s house to playing video games in the Palace Arcade, there will also be photo opportunities and merchandise to discover (and buy). An example? The kitchen uniform of Surfer Boy Pizza, where Argyle works in the last season.