Stretching yoga: asanas for those who do sports – Video

Those who practice yoga have elongated and flexible muscles, unlike those who dedicate themselves to other disciplines in which, instead, muscle strength is built, causing the muscle to contract and shorten.

In this video, our yoga teacher Lorenza Minola, Multi-certified yoga teacher and founder of LoYoga App shows some asanas that have the goal of help sportsmen (those who run, play tennis, football, etc.) a re-stretch the muscles of the legs and back.

And not only. The benefits of these asanas also concern the ileum psoas, that deep muscle that connects the pelvis, spine and femur and whose “maintenance” helps to keep sciatica and various sciatica pain away.

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Here are three simple asanas, to be done as often as possible. Let’s start with Anjaneyasanathe position of the crescent moon, which greatly stretches the leg musclesgroin (the psoas) and hips, we move on to Ardha Hanumanasanawhich allows you to get to to execute the half split (ideal for the legs and back), up to Utthitaparsvakonasanathe extended angle.

Watch the video to train with Lorenza!