[email protected] partners, here is the ideal number of partners before marriage

Sexual partners, here is the ideal number of partners before marriage

[email protected] partners: How many should we have had before starting a serious relationship? Will the number suggested by a study surprise you?

We often talk about their respective partners. The question: “How many have you had before me?” they all ask it sooner or later. A little out of curiosity, a little in the illusion that this number can reveal to us whether or not we can trust the partner, the number of [email protected] partners who have shared moments of intimacy with the person we love and with whom we wish to have exclusivity, is a hot topic.

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“1, 3, 10, 30, will they be too few or too many? Could this number change the partner’s idea of ​​me? Could it affect the future of our relationship? But then there is an ideal number and what would it be, who defined it? ” If you have asked yourself these questions, we too have the answer and it is an estimate based on a study that analyzed the opinion of members of a dating site.

The ideal number of [email protected] partners before marriage is …

If you really want to know we are about to reveal the number of ideal [email protected] partners that we should have had before a serious relationship, established by a study, but first we would like to clarify that the number obviously varies based on to the age, gender and personality of each person.

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Let’s say the number of ideal partners it does not exist and the number of partners previously had does not affect our qualities as a lover. The number of [email protected] partners we have had does not make us feel fulfilled as a couple, two people have a good [email protected] relationship regardless of this number and it depends on their alchemy not on their experiences.

Apart from that we have a number to give you if you want to get an idea of ​​the ideal number of lovers to have before a serious affair. It is a number judged ideal by the people who participated in a study. According to the participants, the ideal number, that is judged right or close to perfection, is the 12.

According to the conclusions of the Illicit Encounters study (an extramarital dating site), the 49% of women and the 40% of men he is convinced that each person should have collected at least 12 [email protected] experiences with different people before turning to monogamy. 12 would be the perfect number to understand the different [email protected] affinities that one can have with a partner, it would also be a number that gives a certain [email protected] experience without being excessive.

The same study noted that for the 66% of women and for the 70% of meni, having had fewer than 10 different [email protected] partners would indicate a lack of experience in the field.

Reality shows that it is possible to have amazing [email protected] [email protected] with one’s partner, the first and only partner, met 20 years earlier. Contrary to what we tend to think, the alchemy between two people has criteria that differ from couple to couple and improves over time. [email protected] [email protected] after [email protected] [email protected] we learn to know the partner and to satisfy him fully and vice versa.

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