“Syrup nails”: the colorful and gourmet manicure that prolongs the summer

"Syrup nails": the colorful and gourmet manicure that prolongs the summer

The summer season is far from over, but mid-August is generally more synonymous with going back to school than going on vacation. Never mind, TikTok users intend to extend the summer through bold new makeup trends. The latest, the “syrup nails”, takes the form of a gourmet and tangy manicure that invites you more to party and idleness than to return to the office. Enough to make you forget, if only for a few days, the dreaded return to school.

Has the summer season tickled the taste buds of beauty content creators? We have to believe it in view of the makeup trends that have gone viral since the beginning of the summer: matcha-style nails and their milky green, full-bodied coffee-style makeup, a variant of the season’s flagship trend, ‘latte makeup’ , but also the ‘cherry cola lips’ or the ‘blueberry milk nails’. This obsession for refreshing and energizing drinks remains despite the announced end of the summer break, which is still relevant, and this time the tiktokers are going all out to end their vacation in style. The ‘syrup nails’ – to understand the ‘nails in syrup’ – stand out as the flagship manicure of the end of the season, setting at the same time the tone of a return to school placed under the sign of audacity and fun. .

A lustrous and syrupy finish

Just like ‘glazed donut nails’, ‘syrup nails’ result in extreme shine. However, it is not a question of obtaining a chrome or lacquered appearance like the icing of a donut, but rather a syrupy effect which has the advantage of being able to be declined in a multitude of colors. Minimalist and customizable according to everyone’s tastes and desires, ‘nails in syrup’ simply have to be shiny and tangy to bring a fresh and summery touch to any look. And to reproduce them, nothing could be simpler, all you need is a base or a finishing varnish and a classic varnish – or a gel version for long-lasting hold. Everything – or almost – is allowed.

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Straight from Asia, and more specifically from South Korea and Japan, this manicure trend is supposed to reproduce, it will be understood, the glossy aspect of a syrup. It’s up to everyone to determine which taste suits them best: mint, anise, strawberry, grenadine, lemon, or peach, it doesn’t matter, as long as the result is as delicious as it is brilliant. Just what it takes to end the summer in style. In any case, this is what TikTok users seem to think, since the hashtag #syrupnails has already generated more than 8 million views, and hundreds of tutorials to easily reproduce them at home.

A classic base and varnish

There are many tutorials on the Chinese social network, but they don’t necessarily look alike. The most seen technique, which is also the easiest to reproduce, consists simply of placing a drop or two of classic varnish, whatever the color, in a bottle of base coat or top coat – in other words, a varnish base or a finish. Once this task is accomplished, simply apply the mixture to the nail and multiply the layers to obtain the desired syrupy finish. Note that a handful of users directly buy nail polishes formulated to guarantee this tangy and glossy appearance, while others opt for a shaded effect by degrading the layers of polish from the top to the bottom of the nail. As we said, this is the manicure of all possibilities and all audacity, to be reproduced tirelessly until the end of summer.

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