‘Tantouring’: a new make-up technique for tanned and sculpted skin

'Tantouring': a new make-up technique for tanned and sculpted skin

Make-up tips follow each other without ever looking the same – or almost – on social networks, TikTok in the lead, with more or less success. But sometimes it doesn’t take much for a new technique to turn into a real phenomenon. This is the case with ‘tantouring’, a method that combines tanning and contouring to obtain a complexion that is both tanned and sculpted. It was enough to pack the Chinese social network…

Those who thought they were (finally) done with contouring may be disappointed… On TikTok, the latest fashionable trend bears the sweet name of ‘tantouring’, a contraction of the English terms “tan” (for “tanning”) and ” contouring”, this famous method which makes it possible to sculpt and structure the face using make-up. It will be understood, the latter is making a comeback with a subtle twist intended to bring a tanned veil to the skin. An ideal tip for those who have not had the chance to enjoy a holiday in the sun during the summer period.

Popularized by many world-renowned influencers, like Kim Kardashian, contouring was upstaged during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its many confinements, by more natural makeup. However, this does not prevent it from pointing to more than 2 billion views on the Chinese social network. Its new variant, ‘tantouring’ is not yet there, but it has already generated nearly 20 million views, and this, in just a few weeks. A figure that testifies to a certain enthusiasm for this new make-up technique, which is as simple as it is effective.

Self-tanner, the key ingredient

This method is actually not complicated, since it is simply a matter of swapping your usual contouring products for a self-tanner. The idea is to apply the product to the areas you want to sculpt, namely the wing of the nose, the cheekbones, the jawline, or even the hairline, playing on the effects of shadow and light, as you would with a classic contour. But the rendering will not be the same: not only will your complexion be slightly tanned, like after a tanning session at the beach, but it will also last several days. A semi-permanent makeup in short, which guarantees a healthy glow effect at sunrise and at bedtime.

Be careful, however, the use of a self-tanner is not without risk… It is advisable to slow down as to the quantity of product applied to the skin, in order to avoid having to deal with an orange complexion, unattractive. But that’s not all: a good exfoliation beforehand eliminates dead skin and thus obtains an even tan. It will be understood, this is a technique which is certainly not irremediable but which does not fade easily either, requiring delicacy, dexterity and vigilance.

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