Testimony from Alexis Hanquinquant, paratriathlon world champion: “amputation is no longer inevitable”

Testimony from Alexis Hanquinquant, paratriathlon world champion: “amputation is no longer inevitable”

Having just won his 6th Paratriathlon World Champion title, Alexis Hanquinquant talks about this meteoric rise, the next Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and his collaboration with Oral-B, a partnership which is part as an extension of the commitments of the athlete and the brand.

I am a man of the field and I am lucky to have a body made for sport” testifies Alexis Hanquinquant. Indeed, the thirty-year-old achieved the impossible in a few years: in 2010 a work accident seriously injured his right leg. After around thirty operations and pain that was still intense and debilitating, he took the heavy decision in 2013 to request amputation.”I didn’t yet know if it would be the right decision but what was certain was that I was no longer thriving in this damaged body.“.

“I embarked on a crazy challenge to do a triathlon”

In September 2013, Alexis Hanquinquant now had his right leg amputated. Very quickly, he announced to his partner that he wanted to take on a “crazy” challenge and do a triathlon. “She still tried to relax me and put my feet back on the ground, I had just had an amputation so it took time to recover.” the athlete laughs. “This dream of doing triathlon drove me, this period between 2013 and 2015 was long and short at the same time. As soon as I could, I started training” continues the Paratriathlon World Champion. And we can say that his efforts are crowned with success, in 2016, he won the silver medal at the French Paratriathlon Championship. But the rise does not stop there, he string of victories, finishing first in all competitions: European and French championships, then World championships!”It would be too simple to summarize my victories alone, it is a collective success. My family, my trainer, my prosthetist, my partners; I am surrounded by love. Today, I am convinced that I made the right decision in 2013, amputation is no longer inevitable..”

“The Paralympic Games are a fantastic opportunity for athletes but also for inclusion”

I sincerely hope that a large number of athletes will qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We must quantify this chance of having these Games in Europe and I hope that the medals will be there. It is also an opportunity to show all facets of sport, I think it is an excellent vector of social cohesion because behind the jersey there is only the individual. Sport allows the inclusion of all people, big, small, workers, business leaders… Who cares! Today, our society must no longer find excuses not to emphasize acceptance. It is urgent in terms of public health to promote sport, to make new generations want to achieve in a sporting discipline. We have to make people want to get moving. Life is worth living but not in front of the television, I am convinced!

Disabled triathlete but also father

The notion of mutual respect, acceptance of oneself and others are values ​​that I am proud to carry but also to pass on to my children. I am a father and these are strong commitments to the people I love.“A family with whom he was not able to enjoy a summer vacation to prepare for the Paratriathlon World Championship this summer.”I am going to recharge my batteries during the All Saints’ Day holidays with my family because if in the life of a high-level athlete, training is essential, recovery and the environment in which we live are also essential..” A conviction which led him to commit to Oral-B, “having an effective oral care routine is essential for a high-level athlete: this is why it seemed natural to me to partner with Oral-B, which aims to offer superior quality products, easy to integrate into your daily routine. Beyond the products, I also share the same ambitions and values ​​with the brand: commitment and the desire to have a positive impact on society. I am therefore delighted to be able to travel the path to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games alongside them.” As for us, we look forward to following the future performances of this great French athlete!

Oral B, a daily oral care partner, is joining forces with French Paralympic triathlete Alexis Hanquinquant for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

The partnership between Oral-B and Alexis Hanquinquant is an illustration of the “Champions au Quotidien” campaign, supported by Procter & Gamble brands including Oral-B, on the road to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and celebrating performance committed. From this perspective, this partnership aims to support athletes who put their performance at the service of causes that contribute to generating a positive impact on society. Alexis will thus contribute to raising awareness among the French of the importance of oral health on a daily basis. In his journey to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, champion Alexis Hanquinquant will be able to count on Oral-B to support him in his daily life and help him preserve his oral hygiene. Good oral health is essential to avoid negatively impacting sports performance. The link between oral health and high-level sport is still little known, yet it is very important. Indeed, poor oral health in a professional athlete can lead to numerous complications which could have a negative impact on their sporting results: posture problems, pain in the jaw, neck and back, but also illnesses. of bacterial, carious and periodontal origin. Before their preparation, during and after the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, athletes must adopt impeccable oral hygiene and a healthy and effective routine so as not to affect their performance.