The 10 little-known dangers of clothing on your health

The 10 little-known dangers of clothing on your health

Dresses, sweaters, pants… Clothes (and shoes) accompany us every day. But have you ever thought about the little-known dangers they can have on your health? Let’s take stock with Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens.

Wool, cotton, lycra… Clothing is made of different materials and can cause unsuspected health risks. Here are ten of them, recalled by Dr Gérald Kierzek, emergency doctor and medical director of TipsForWomens.

Toxic substances and heavy metals

Clothing, depending on its composition or where it may have been stored, may contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals. “It is important to take an interest in the composition of a garment. There are certain brands, made in Europe in particular, which indicate the traceability of fabrics and avoid this type of substance, which can be harmful. indicate Dr. Gérald Kierzek.

Flammable materials

Here again, the link is to be made with the material of a garment. “Some clothing is made of very flammable materials: this is very dangerous in the event of a burn, because the fire will spread very quickly throughout the clothing” warns the doctor.

Skin allergies

Clothing can cause skin allergies. “This is one of the questions we systematically ask when we see a patient with a skin allergy: have they worn a new material? Has he changed his clothes? Laundry?” indicate again Gérald Kierzek.

A risk of asphyxiation

In this case, you must be particularly vigilant with children. “There may be a risk of suffocation in children with cords, scarves, etc.” adds the expert.

Poor blood circulation

Clothing that is too tight can numb the legs and hinder venous return. “We then feel tingling, numbness… This is a sign that the pants are too tight and are not suitable. says Gérald Kierzek.

Bad posture

Uncomfortable clothing causes poor posture which results in back pain. “When you wear uncomfortable clothing, you will tend to adopt a bad posture to compensate..

Back pain

This is especially true for women who wear high-heeled shoes. “These promote arching and back pain, particularly in the lower back. A heel should not exceed two to three centimeters in height, ideally.” adds the emergency doctor.

Fertility problems

Jeans that are too tight, worn constantly, cause fertility problems in men” assures the medical director of TipsForWomens.

Recurrent cystitis

“And in women, pants that are too tight will tend to cause cystitis repeatedly” concludes the doctor. So watch your pants, ladies, if you are prone to urinary infections.