The 3-step method for apologizing at work

The 3-step method for apologizing at work

Making a mistake can happen to anyone, including at work. This situation can also be particularly embarrassing, but rest assured, there is a technique to make it easier to apologize.

For many people, apologizing is very difficult. When you have to do it in the professional environment, it is even more embarrassing because it is an environment in which you have to be competent and efficient. However, it is essential to know how to recognize your mistakes.

In The Stylist magazine, communications expert Matt Abrahams discusses the AAA method (Acknowledge = recognize; Appreciate = become aware; Amends = repair), which we have translated into the RRR method. Discover the three steps, which will help you achieve this.

Acknowledge your mistake

The first step in this method is to admit that you made a mistake. It is important to take responsibility and not try to hide or embellish the truth. As they often say: a fault admitted is half forgiven. Whether it’s a delay, a bad attitude or even a neglected file, don’t be afraid to clearly explain the mistake you made.

Rephrase to show that you understand your fault

In general, it is easier to forgive a person who seems to have understood the reason for their mistake. In fact, it will be less likely to start again. So take the time to think about the causes and consequences of your fault, to identify the issues behind it and explain it to the person who criticizes you for your action. In this way, the person in front of you will be more likely to develop empathy and forgive you more easily.

Fix your mistake

The last important point of apologizing at work is to fix your mistake. Not always easy to completely repair, errors can still be mitigated. Try to do your best to correct your mistake. This will demonstrate your desire to improve things and therefore reveal your sincerity in the eyes of others.

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