The 4 unsuspected causes of fatigue

The 4 unsuspected causes of fatigue

Do you feel regular fatigue or even exhaustion day after day? Certainly, lack of sleep or busy days can be to blame. But according to the book by Dr. Anne Fleck, a German doctor who studied this subject, there are also 4 other causes that we often neglect and which make us tired. Find out which ones.

Tired of feeling flat all the time? But have you identified what is consuming your energy? In a new book with the evocative title “Energy!” at Actes Sud, a German doctor, Dr Anne Fleck, pinpoints certain habits that impact us. And the book sheds new light. Of course, fatigue can be due to known causes, such as excess physical activity, nutritional deficiencies or even a change of season. But according to her, there are 4 causes of which we are little aware. “Chronic exhaustion tells us that energy suckers are operating in us and around us, often without our knowledge. explains Anne Fleck. Four major “energy suckers” would thus act on our well-being.

Poor digestion

Did you know that your digestive system already consumes between 10 and 30% of your total energy when it is functioning well? It’s even more so when digestion is damaged. Not only does difficult digestion exhaust the organs, but an unbalanced microbiota can also affect energy, mood and weight. What are the signs of difficult digestion? The afternoon slump, bad breath, bloating, heartburn, constipation or on the contrary diarrhea, can be suggestive signs.

Which solution ?

For the author, it is about reviewing your relationship with food: waiting for a real feeling of hunger before sitting down to eat, eating calmly, chewing slowly, reviewing your eating habits for a more balanced mode…

Food intolerances

Food intolerances are not allergies, but a form of chronic discomfort. They maintain chronic inflammation of the colon and small intestine, which respond by producing more free radicals. This causes hyperpermeability, which can then allow toxins to pass into the blood, the author suggests, which can weaken us. The signs are those of symptoms which would appear within 3 hours after a meal: digestive disorders, skin rashes, pain, etc.

Which solution ?

It is now possible to have a laboratory test for food intolerances to confirm a concern. Then, if you suspect an intolerance to a type of food, the doctor advises following a diet avoiding families most at risk (dairy products, sugars, gluten, etc.) for two weeks and reintroducing foods little by little while observing the reactions… to write down in a notebook. If you identify a food that gives you discomfort, you will just have to avoid it to regain your energy.

Silent intoxication

We call silent intoxication the low-noise intoxication induced by everything in our environment: air, water, pollutants, what is found in our workplaces or in our homes. Results ? Headaches, joint pain, acne, excess weight… However, to get rid of this latent intoxication on a daily basis, our detoxification organs used (liver, kidneys, lungs or skin) become tired day after day.

Which solution ?

According to Dr. Flek, part of the solution comes from education: we must inform ourselves about the substances that pose problems via accessible resources. The other part is to become aware of one’s own environment to reduce sources of poisoning: tobacco, cosmetics used, avoiding risky buildings that we frequent…

Chronic stress

Not surprisingly, chronic stress also wears us out. Constantly subjected to pressure (work, overload, noise), we tire physically and psychologically: the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline and cortisol and put us under tension. In the long term, tolerance to physical or mental effort plummets.

Which solution ?

For the doctor, it is then urgent to protect ourselves from manageable stress (digital disconnection, avoidance of stimulants, etc.) and to adopt a practice that can calm us: such as meditation, sophrology, yoga, etc. to find a beautiful energy.

“Many individuals lock themselves into a long medical wandering, leaving experts perplexed by classic analyzes which say nothing abnormal”, underlines Anne Fleck in her book. This invites you to take control of your lifestyle, in the broadest sense.