Do not consume this cheese contaminated with Escherichia Coli bacteria!

Do not consume this cheese contaminated with Escherichia Coli bacteria!

Rocamadour farmhouse cheese, sold throughout Europe, is the subject of a recall campaign following the possible presence of E. Coli bacteria. TipsForWomens explains the procedure to follow.

The government site Rappel Conso has warned of a possible presence of Escherichia coli bacteria in farmhouse Rocamandour cheese. This product was distributed throughout Europe and is currently the subject of a recall.

Product information Rocamandour farmer

The Rocamadour product has the following information on the label:

  • Product category: Food
  • Product subcategory: Milk and dairy products
  • Brand: Ferme de Laspeyrières
  • Model or reference: Rocamadour
  • Lot : 0610
  • Recommended consumption date: 06/11/2023
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 10/12/2023 to 10/19/2023
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored in the refrigerator
  • Health mark: FR 46.201.001 CE
  • Geographical sales area: entire Europe
  • Distributors: Proxi Sauzet, at the end of the street, Boulve grocery store, SPAR Luzech, Tower grocery store, meat parcels, Intermarché Prayssac, Carrefour Montcuq

Procedure to follow if you own this product

Rocamandour farm cheese has been recalled because it contains bacteriaand Escherichia Coli, producer of toxigenic shiga. You must be vigilant and not consume this product because this bacteria can cause diarrhea, sometimes bloody, abdominal pain and vomiting, accompanied or not by fever. These symptoms can be followed (in 5 to 8% of cases) by severe renal complications, mainly in children.

Therefore, people who have consumed contaminated cheese, and who present this type of symptoms, are invited to consult their doctor as quickly as possible, notifying him of this consumption, the place and the date of purchase. If there are no symptoms within 10 days after consuming the product concerned, there is no need to worry and consult a doctor.

According to health authorities, it is recommended as a precaution not to let young children, particularly those under 5 years old, consume raw milk and cheeses made from raw milk. It is advisable to favor cooked pressed cheeses (such as Emmental, Comté, etc.), processed spreadable cheeses and pasteurized milk cheeses. The same recommendation should be followed for pregnant women, immunocompromised people and the elderly.

Consumers are therefore invited to no longer consume this product and to return it to the point of sale by contacting the 06 49 60 26 70.

The brand also assures buyers of the product that they will be reimbursed until October 29, 2023, the end date of the recall procedure.