The 5 worst hot drinks to avoid

The 5 worst hot drinks to avoid

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate… Are you a fan of hot drinks of all kinds and like to drink them particularly in winter, when temperatures are low? Pay attention to their sugar intake, because some drinks are real calorie bombs. Here are the ones in particular, with Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

Under a blanket, in front of the TV or even at the office in winter, when it’s cold… Nobody (or almost) would refuse a good cup of hot chocolate or a café latte. But the drinks that we particularly like in winter are also a source of calories, because of the sugar and milk (among other things!) that they contain. Here are the least healthy drinks to avoid.

Starbucks-type drinks

Viennese chocolate, caffe latte or frappuccino: these types of drinks, notably marketed by Starbucks, but not only, are very high in calories. “They mix dairy products or vegetable milks, accompanied by sugar and syrups which are very sweet with whipped cream sometimes, which makes them very high in calories. explains Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist. “The same goes for iced coffees in supermarkets, which, between the milk and the sugar they contain, represent a significant calorie intake.”

Flavored plant-based milks

Almond or soy milk, vanilla or chocolate… Be careful with this type of drink, which can be very sweet. “You must read the labels carefully and in particular the words ‘carbohydrates including sugars’, favoring the drink where it will be as low as possible. advises the dietician.

Vegetable milk coffee

If you like to add plant-based milk to your coffee, be sure to choose it carefully too. “The highest carbohydrate plant milk of all is oat milk” says our expert. “If you want to add it to your tea or coffee, it is better to choose soy or almond milk: they will be preferable, from a nutritional point of view.

Chocolate chip hot chocolate with marshmallow

If there is a drink that we particularly like in winter, it is hot chocolate. “It can quickly become very caloric when you add marshmallows or chocolate chips.” believes our expert. It is therefore better to favor a light version, with bitter cocoa or dark chocolate.

Coffee or tea…sweet

Even if you don’t drink the drinks mentioned above, be careful with the simple coffee or sweet tea you have during the day” adds our specialist. “Indeed, when we multiply the cups during the day, with sugar each time, this can quickly add up.“The same with sweeteners, which are not very good for your health either, recalls Alexandra Murcier.

The healthiest hot drinks

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