The beauty secrets of the princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock

From swimmer to princess of Monaco and mother of two twins. Here are all the beauty secrets of Charlene Wittstock

Being the daughter-in-law of a style icon like Grace Kelly is certainly not easy, but Charlene Wittstock has slowly managed to win the hearts of her subjects, not only for her natural beauty and her class but also thanks to the charities in which is involved.

Blond hair and perfect body, Charlene, passionate about fashion and sports, always appears with a make-up with a very natural and luminous effect, which tends to highlight her eyes. The skin, without any trace of imperfections, is the result of a healthy and active lifestyle even before that of creams and beauty treatments.

The princess in fact, follows a diet that helps to prevent hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis and some heart diseases. She is vegetarian and extremely attentive to the quality and origin of the products she eats, so much so that all the vegetables that were served at her wedding were those produced by the Grimaldi di Rocagel estate.

Swimmer of the age of six, Charlene realized her dream of a child: no, not to become a princess, but to participate in the Olympics. In 2000, Charlene competed in the South African national swimming team in Sydney. It failed to win any medals but certainly, participating in the Olympics is not for everyone. The passion for sports has never vanished, in fact Charlene trains at least three times a week with her personal trainer and, in her spare time, loves to practice sports like surfing and golf, or take long hikes, complete sports activities, that help her to reach a psychophysical balance.

As for the beauty routine, Charlene is faithful to a few, but effective products: according to some sources, the princess uses only products from the 3LAB brand, a "luxury" brand, worthy of a princess. What never fails in your beauty? Super Cream, a nourishing and moisturizing face cream, Super Eye Cream, an eye cream for a young look, Super Serum, antiage and skin protective serum, and Perfect Neck Cream, a cream to minimize wrinkles in the chin and neck area.

If her beauty routine can be out of reach for everyone, the makeup of the princess of Monaco is easily recreatable. Pink is the color that Charlene uses on her lips, a color that softens her look, which remains the focus of her makeup.

Charlene's make-up is always very light and natural: we will never see her with a loaded smokey eyes, but always with a light eyeliner and a shimmer eye shadow on the mobile eyelid, a gray pencil in the lower rim and a pass of black mascara. Its characteristic trait, however, remains the brightness of the face that highlights its perfect skin and enhances its features and blue eyes.

And the hair? Biondo is its natural color and has never changed. We have seen the changes, always very balanced, in the cut, an alternation between the pixie cut and the demi long. On special occasions she often wears an elegant and tight chignon, while in other circumstances she wears vintage waves, a tribute to her daughter-in-law Grace Kelly, a deconstructed carré, an androgynous and glamorous short, characterized by a thick and long fringe.

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