The caregiver’s daily allowance: what is it?

The caregiver's daily allowance: what is it?

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AJPA. Behind these four letters lies financial assistance that can allow you to peacefully care for one or more loved ones. But how exactly does it work? We tell you everything here.

Having to stop working, partially or completely, to be able to care for a loved one who is losing their independence is never easy. Above all because a financial problem is added to a delicate personal situation. Especially since if there is indeed a Caregiver Leavethe latter is not paid.

This is precisely why the Government created, in 2020, Daily Caregiver Allowance, or AJPA. This is valuable assistance paid within a maximum of 66 days over your entire career!

Who can benefit ?

Any caregiver residing in France on a regular basis and who can demonstrate a close relationship with the person being cared for (ascendant and descendant, spouse, partner, etc.). Furthermore, it is of course necessary that she also carries out a professional activity (salaried or not), follows training or is a compensated job seeker. And that she also applied for caregiver leave.

But that’s not all: the person being helped must also meet certain conditions. Among them: having a level of autonomy (GIR) from I to IV and receiving the APA (Personalized Autonomy Allowance) or displaying a disability rate equal to or greater than 80% (according to the MDPH*).

How much is it?

€64.54 per day within the limit of 22 days per month on January 1, 2024. Noting that it is possible to receive payments equivalent to half-days (€32.27, therefore). A relatively flexible distribution method, therefore, from which both members of a couple can benefit, for example. And also note that you can benefit from AJPA for several people helped!

How to ask for it?

Simply online on the CAF website if you are already a beneficiary. If this is not the case (or if you are an MSA recipient), you will need to download a paper application via the sites to send to one of the two organizations, which will examine it.

You will then receive a monthly certificate each month that your employer will complete if you are an employee or civil servant. If not, you will have to take care of it. But in both cases, this sending will be necessary for you to benefit from your allowance.

How to get support?

Need to know more or want advice on the different financial aid that you or your loved one can benefit from? Do not hesitate to go to the free digital platform My Caregiver Compass. In addition to valuable information, you will find a geolocalized solutions service which can direct you to a contact person able to guide you in your efforts.

*Departmental House for Disabled People