The destinations favored by the French for… finding love

The destinations favored by the French for… finding love

Long distance relationships are not a problem for the French. The proof is that if they had the opportunity to go on vacation this winter, they would choose New York as a priority to meet people and, why not, find a soul mate. This is what a survey reveals which looked at the most popular destinations to take at this (frosty) time of year.

The couple is often the center of attention during the end-of-year holidays, particularly because it is a period conducive to taking stock, but not only that. Certain societal injunctions die hard, to the point that single people dread Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve during which they are generally overwhelmed with oppressive questions about their romantic status. But once this difficult moment has passed, they will be able to calmly resume – or not – their quest for love using innovative dating concepts or more traditionally. Some could even consider meeting people during their next winter vacation, as shown by a recent survey carried out by YouGov Europe for the site, which looked at the French’s favorite destinations to have a crush.

New York and London in the top 3

Considering the participants’ responses, there is no question for the French of limiting themselves to French regions. Love has no boundaries, and they intend to demonstrate it. The proof is that the city of New York, although located nearly 6,000 kilometers from Paris as the crow flies, rises to the top of the sites considered by those surveyed for meeting people (17%). The many mythical monuments of the Big Apple, as well as the romanticism inherent in certain places like the top of the Empire State Building or Central Park, seem to titillate singles looking for love.

Note, however, that New York is not alone in the lead. In a completely different genre, the island of Bali, in Indonesia, is also very coveted by singles (17%). White sand, turquoise waters, coconut trees, and the gentle way of life: the destination seems to offer the perfect setting for a winter romance. A cultural and festive destination, London completes the podium (16%) for meeting people in winter. It must be said that the British capital does everything it can during the end-of-year celebrations to offer a magical atmosphere conducive to rapprochement.

Return to the United States for the rest of the ranking, with Miami and its immense beaches which also seem to attract French singles (13%). Followed by Bangkok in Thailand (13%), Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (11%), Los Angeles in the United States (9%), Las Vegas, still in the United States (9%), Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (9). %), and Cape Town in South Africa (8%), cities also very popular for meeting people. Note that the principality of Monaco is placed in eleventh position with 7% of the votes, tied with the first – and only – French destination in the ranking. This is Courchevel, in Savoie, one of the most popular winter sports resorts in Europe.

*This study was carried out online by YouGov Europe for, from December 20 to 21, 2023, among 1,004 people representative of the French national population aged 18 and over.