The European Union wants to encourage cycling

The European Union wants to encourage cycling

A “sustainable”, “affordable”, “healthy” mode of transport: the European Union adopted a declaration on Wednesday to encourage cycling, seen as a link in its climate policy.

The European Parliament, the Council (representing the Member States) and the Commission want to promote infrastructure for bicycles, improve the safety of this practice and increase investments in this sector.

The bike “reduces pollution, urban traffic jams and promotes a healthier lifestyle“, underlined European Transport Commissioner Adina Valean after signing this declaration.

Furthermore (it is) a cornerstone of European industry, driving innovation and growth while creating quality local jobs“, she added in a press release, following a meeting of European transport ministers.

I am convinced that we can abandon a car-centric approach and replace it with a combination of soft mobility and public transport“, declared French MEP Karima Delli (Greens), chair of the Transport committee in the European Parliament.

She noted that “cars are still responsible for 15% of CO2 emissions in Europe“.

For the signatories, the bicycle “has the potential to significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of urban transport as well as to achieving the EU-wide target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by to 2030 compared to 1990 levels and climate neutrality by 2050“.

The signatories of the declaration proclaim the objective of “unlocking the full potential of cycling in the EU“, grateful that he is”one of the most sustainable, accessible, inclusive, affordable and healthy modes of transport and leisure, and plays a vital role in European society and economy“.

Companies are encouraged to encourage their staff to come to work by bicycle, for example by providing bicycles, electric or not, and by providing parking spaces.

The signatories undertake to “significantly expand safe cycling infrastructure consistently across Europe“, has “encourage the installation of e-bike charging points as part of urban planning“, but also to encourage”the advent of a world-renowned European bicycle industry“.

The Confederation of the European Cycle Industry (CONEBI) welcomed the statement, “a major step forward to promote the benefits and development of cycling and the cycle industry across the European Union“.