The first Sunday of the year would be the best day to find love

The first Sunday of the year would be the best day to find love

The first Sunday of the year is not just another day for singles. It’s “Dating Sunday.” The day of the year when dating apps are booming. With New Year’s resolutions, many singles sign up or re-post to actively look for love. This year, the meeting is set for Sunday January 7.

Every year, the same phenomenon occurs: dating sites record a massive spike in activity on the first Sunday of the year. So much so that this Sunday has been nicknamed “Dating Sunday”. Several reasons could explain this trend: New Year’s resolutions, end-of-year celebrations which encourage reflection on one’s love life, especially after spending time with family and friends. In short, the start of the year would allow us to get back – more seriously – into the bath of dating applications.

One of them, Tinder, has even managed to quantify this trend. On the first Sunday of 2022, the application noted a 10% increase in singles compared to a “classic” day, 35% more swipe activity and 30% more matches. The site also specifies that twelve biographies had been modified and that 25 new photos had been added every second.

For this Sunday, January 7, Tinder expects “519 Tinder biographies to be edited and 2,263 photos to be added every minute,” as the dating site told the New York Post. “The number of messages sent on Tinder increases by 22%, users respond 19.4 minutes faster than other Sundays of the year, and the number of likes on the application increases by 18.2%. Like people update their profile, approximately 58.7 million more likes and 11.4 million more messages will likely be sent on the app compared to the rest of the year,” Tinder added.

This renewed activity should last more than a month, until Valentine’s Day, February 14.