The “golden retriever boyfriend”, this ideal faithful and loyal boyfriend who makes you dream

The “golden retriever boyfriend”, this ideal faithful and loyal boyfriend who makes you dream

In the great zoo of romantic relationships, a new species is attracting attention: the “Golden Retriever Boyfriend”. This canine metaphor sketches an affectionate and faithful partner, a dream companion in the tumult of hearts. While social networks are aflame around this concept, this trend, beyond its humorous tone, reveals deep expectations in terms of romantic relationships.

Lately, the “golden retriever boyfriend” has emerged as a new ideal in the world of romantic relationships. Defined by the Urban Dictionary as an easy-going partner conducive to a happy relationship, this term captures the essence of love marked by devotion and loyalty.

Celebrities like Travis Kelce, American football player and Taylor Swift’s new companion, Sam Thompson and Tom Holland are often cited as embodying this golden retriever boyfriend energy. They symbolize the desire for a warm, emotionally available and loving partner.

And according to this TikTok video, it’s the perfect companion for “black cat girlfriends” – categories of introverted and independent women. Being extroverted and endowed with a strong presence, the golden retriever boyfriend and his energy would compliment the personality of a “black cat girlfriend” very well. Currently, the hashtag “goldenretrieverboyfriend” has hundreds of millions of views on the social network TikTok.

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It’s not hard to understand the appeal of a golden retriever boyfriend“, explains Hayley Quinn, dating coach, to the Huffington Post. They are “caring, reliable and emotionally available” Unlike “bad boys” who are often sought after for their confidence and self-affirmation, it is kindness and consideration that dominate for a lasting relationship. “There is often a gap between what attracts us enough to go on a first date with someone and what makes us want to choose them as a long-term partner.“, she explains.

Sarah Van Pelt, a relationship therapist cited by Metro Time, warns of the potential risks of being in a relationship with a “golden retriever boyfriend.” She explains that behind these attractive character traits can hide a fear of abandonment or a lack of self-confidence. A man who focuses only on his partner’s happiness risks losing his individuality, a vital element for a balanced relationship. This quest for the ideal partner, symbolized by the golden retriever boyfriend, is therefore part of a broader reflection on expectations and balances in modern romantic relationships.