The health department warns against fashionable treatments. “It’s not cosmetic”

The health department warns against fashionable treatments.  "It's not cosmetic"

The development of aesthetic medicine has made more and more treatments readily available. The use of botulinum toxin helps in the treatment of many diseases, but the wrong Botox injection can end tragically. The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate warns against using popular beauty treatments.

The health department warns against fashionable treatments.  It's not cosmetic

In the era of social media, the promotion of impeccable appearance is everywhere. Beautiful skin without wrinkles, exposed cheekbones or full lips is almost a common standard. However, is the treatment that provides such an effect safe? The health department issued a warning.

Are you going to the beautician? These treatments can be dangerous

Improving your appearance with aesthetic procedures does not necessarily mean that you are at risk of complications. However, it is worth acquiring the appropriate knowledge before you decide to use Botox or hyaluronic acid. The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate issued a communiqué regarding preparations injected subcutaneously.

You have the right to know what product is used. Ask the person performing the procedure whether he uses medicinal products or medical devices that meet the regulations.

Sanepid points out that this type of agent is not a cosmetic, because it is applied inside, not outside. That is why it is so important for a given clinic to use only proven preparations. There is no shortage of products from the black market.

As reported by the “Science in Poland” portal, the growing interest in aesthetic medicine has contributed to the development of illegal production. These preparations are dangerous to health and life, and their presence has also been reported in Europe. Therefore, before agreeing to the procedure, ask if licensed products such as Botox, Bocouture or Azzalure are used in the office.

Education matters, that is, what is worth paying attention to

When deciding to use aesthetic medicine treatments in the first place, you should look for offices specializing in this type of offer. Pay attention not only to the opinions on the Internet, but also check whether aesthetic surgeons, cosmetologists or only beauticians work in a given facility. That’s quite a difference.

Although all fields focus on the care and improvement of the appearance of the skin, only a cosmetologist or surgeon has the appropriate knowledge of anatomy, which he acquired during many years of education. Cosmetology is nothing more than a branch of dermatology, so people with such education can safely perform treatments.

Do not risk it, even an extremely experienced beautician will not ensure safety in procedures during which an injection is necessary. Only the knowledge of the correct techniques, muscle structures and medical knowledge allow for safe application of preparations.