The hit of the Polish People’s Republic returns to Polish bathrooms. Irreplaceable in daily care

The hit of the Polish People's Republic returns to Polish bathrooms.  Irreplaceable in daily care

After the political transformation, we became delighted with cosmetic innovations that were available to a select few in the times of the Polish People’s Republic. Gone are the products that have been used to care for the body and hair for decades. The current generation is rediscovering the advantages of remedies that were hits of the Polish People’s Republic. Check which preparation is worth choosing for washing and why.

The hit of the Polish People's Republic returns to Polish bathrooms.  Irreplaceable in daily care

Gray soap – the hit of the Polish People’s Republic returns to Polish bathrooms

The times of the Polish People’s Republic are associated with widespread shortages of even basic things. In response to shortages of care products, it was often necessary to improvise and use substitute materials and products.

Personal hygiene products were particularly difficult to obtain, such as sanitary pads, instead of which cotton was used. Stories about hunting for toilet paper rolls in the era of the Polish People’s Republic are now true legends, and sometimes even thrilling stories.

As a result of multi-generational trauma after difficult experiences, things associated with the past regime were condemned to exile. It took many years to rediscover the charms of the Polish People’s Republic, such as sometimes interesting furniture, wainscoting and decorative elements, especially the once ridiculed glass crystals.

A product that was widely known and used in the Polish People’s Republic, and which is now coming back into favor, is gray soap. For some time, it was synonymous with “poor” care. However, after many years, the trends have reversed and today gray soap is associated with reliable and healthy care. It stands out positively from highly chemical products. Why is it worth washing with gray soap?

Gray soap – what is it?

Gray soap, sometimes called potassium soap or “Biały Jeleń” soap, consisted of potassium salts of higher carboxylic acids. Easily dissolves in water, creating a multi-tasking emulsion. Characteristic is the lack of fragrances or coloring substances.

Today, under the “Białe Jelenia” brand you can buy many different cosmetics, not all of which are equivalents of traditional gray soap! Nowadays, gray soap may be sodium-based instead of potassium-based. It is believed that potassium is the most “magical” ingredient of gray soap, so it is worth reading the ingredients of the products.

Gray soap – properties, application

Gray soap is yellowish, yellow-brown or brown, odorless. It becomes mushy when wet. It is suitable even for delicate skin. Does not cause irritation. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore, gray soap is recommended for the care of even the most delicate skin of newborns and infants.

Gray soap effectively cleanses the skin. It is perfect for people who struggle with acne or other skin imperfections. Gray soap has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, it has a degreasing effect on the skin, making it suitable for people with oily skin prone to acne. However, it may slightly dry the skin, so it is recommended to moisturize it after use.

Gray soap can even be used to wash your hair, as it is an ally in the fight against dandruff. Gray soap is also recommended for intimate hygiene due to its natural, delicate and antibacterial effect. It can be used in cases of infection and irritation, as well as on a daily basis instead of other chemical agents.

Gray soap – where to buy, how much it costs

Currently, gray soap is available in drugstores, natural cosmetics stores, organic stores, as well as in pharmacies and well-stocked hypermarkets. They can also be purchased online. How much does this medicine cost? The prices of gray soap range from a few to even several dozen zlotys.