The most common physical pains and the emotional states related to them

Our body speaks to us and many physical ailments reflect an emotional situation that we are unable to accept

The most common physical pains that reflect emotional states

Headache, stomach ache, toothache often reflect a specific emotional state. Notwithstanding that in order to identify the causes and cures of ailments, it is always necessary to resort to the doctor and to specific clinical tests, it is necessary to keep in mind that often our moods are reflected on the body. Negative emotions, particular moments of stress, worries create energy blocks that if somatized can turn into real physical pain.

To alleviate them, therefore, it is possible to act not only with medical therapy but also on a psychic level. It is a matter of circumscribing the painful area, considering the internal state that causes it and finding the solution to overcome the moment of difficulty.

In fact, it must be assumed that if mental negativity causes physical pain, body pleasure brings well-being and relaxation.

Browse the gallery to find out what mood each particular body pain corresponds to.

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