The new health record will improve autism screening

The new health record will improve autism screening

It is this Tuesday that Emmanuel Macron is due to announce the new strategy for neurodevelopmental disorders, as part of a trip to the Autism House. Among the changes announced, one of them should directly concern the health records of newborns: keys to assess autism will be included.

After a 2018-2022 national strategy focused on autism, President Emmanuel Macron must announce today a new 2023-27 national strategy extended to neurodevelopmental disorders. Measures must be presented during his visit to the new Autism House in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The health record soon at the autism screening center

According to the first announcements, this new strategy intends to include “systematic” screening of all children between birth and six years. Identifying “developmental gaps” in all children will be a central concern during mandatory medical visits to general practitioners or pediatricians, as well as at nursery school.

But one tool in particular will be used to identify signs of an autism spectrum disorder and other disorders earlier: the health record. “A simplified grid for identifying development gaps should soon be included. predicts the Élysée. It will indicate in black and white the details that can raise questions and direct you towards a professional using markers such as: “At 6 months, is a baby sitting up, clapping with his hands, babbling?” An evaluation grid which will occupy a page like the weight curve or vaccine monitoring.

“This first identification will allow children to be directed as early as possible to coordination and guidance platforms in case of doubt. Early diagnosis allows rapid treatment and avoids over-disability. The aim is also to put an end to wandering medical services of families who, in distress, sometimes consult charlatans and spend thousands of euros on unsuitable care” inds Fadila Khattabi, Minister Delegate in charge of People with Disabilities, in the pages of Le Figaro today.

Strengthen the management of all neurodevelopmental disorders

Beyond autism, the new 2023-27 strategy is therefore extended to neurodevelopmental disorders which include autism spectrum disorders (ASD), but also intellectual development (TDI), cognitive deficit. attention with or without hyperactivity (ADHD). They also include multiple dys disorders: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dysphasia, dyspraxia. A necessary expansion according to the Elysée since, according to the latest international studies, one in six people in Western countries are currently affected by a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Thanks to the first national strategy, 55,000 children were identified for developmental gaps and supported until diagnosis in the hundred coordination and guidance platforms created since 2019. Before that, only 150 children had been identified in 2019 Other measures should also be announced, such as the “almost doubling” classes adapted to children with specific needs, as well as the creation of a “sixth center of excellence” for research – in addition to those already existing in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Tours and Strasbourg.

In total, the president is expected to announce that a total amount of 680 million will be devoted to this new strategy, compared to 345 million planned for the previous one.