The perfect outfits to go to dinner after 40 do exist (and they are these)

The perfect outfits to go to dinner after 40 do exist (and they are these)

If you are 40 years old, you have been invited to a dinner and you don’t know what to wear, you are in the right place. Here are 5 outfits that can be right for you.

Let’s start by saying that after the doors there is nothing that we have to give to the 20-year-old granddaughter of our best friend, because everything is allowed at any age.

40 years dinner

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Even miniskirts – so loved, desired and envied – are always a garment to keep in the wardrobe for the right occasions.

As well as also leather dresses, denim jackets, mini suits and so on and so forth. Animal-print garments and leather jackets are also allowed for all ages and are no exception.

Even the dreaded leggings – a cross and delight of every woman – are: just wear them in the right way.

The only dogma is choose garments suitable for every occasion. So what could you wear if you are 40 and have to go out for dinner?

Here’s what to wear at 40 to go out for dinner

A rule that we can keep in mind – but which if necessary we can also forget, mind you – is that after the doors, our favorite colors should be neutral ones.

40 years dinner

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Yes, so a beige, white, black. We can mix these colors, perhaps adding colored accessories, but also choose a neutral garment (even nude for example) and one of a bright color to match to create the right contrast.

And if you are also interested in what to wear after 40 in the gym, here is the guide that’s right for you.

Midi skirt and top

The midi skirt is always a riot of elegance, on any occasion, at any age. That’s why we can actually wear it in various ways and always be on top.

If we have to go out for dinner – and therefore we want to be refined, but not too much – we can then choose one of a light color, such as cream, beige, white and combine it with a colored or black top, to create a chromatic detachment.

All with quite high heels and a small shoulder bag.

Sheath dress and stiletto heels

Of course, the sheath dress – as well as the skirt – does not suit all women and this has nothing to do with age. Even at 25 we had a hard time wearing it, let alone after the doors.

But if you want to wear it, know that it is perfect for going out for dinner, especially if it is black. The touch of class? Stiletto heels, which always make a good impression with this type of garment.

Circle dress with belt at the waist

The circle dress is one of those items which after the age of 40 should never be missing in our wardrobe.

This is because it is always trendy, elegant at the right point and practically enhances almost any body type.

With a belt at the waist – perhaps not too thin – then it becomes the top of the outfits. From above? A nice colored blazer and you will be ready to face your evening.

Palazzo trousers and leather jacket

THE palazzo pants are the must have of every woman in every season. This is true at 30, at 40, at 50.

These, like the flared dress, are able to enhance the body and are also very youthful, so after the doors they manage to take away even a few years from the wearer, which never hurts.

What to wear north of this garment? Anything is fine, so yes t-shirts, tops, sweaters, but let’s always remember that they must be worn inside the pants and slightly flared.

From above, we can tone down the serious tones of this garment a little and indulge in a rock touch with the leather jacket.

Total black look

Let’s face it, the total black after the doors (but also before very often) is a perfect passpartout for any occasion.

We can show it off in the office, at a party, at a more or less elegant dinner. It all depends on the garments we choose.

For example, staying on the dinner out, especially if we are at least 40 years old, we can choose whether to show off a pleated skirt with a black shirt, or perhaps a cigarette trousers, or skinny with an elegant top that creates the right contrast between a casual look and a chic one.

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