The Queen divides William and Harry at Philip's funeral: the list of the 30 present and the excluded

The Queen divides William and Harry at Philip's funeral: the list of the 30 present and the excluded

The Queen separates William and Harry during their grandfather's funeral. And the absence of Meghan Markle weighs heavily on the definitive list of 30 guests at the ceremony

Funeral of Prince Philip: date, place, present and absent and where to see him on TV

Queen Elizabeth sets the rules for her husband Philip's funeral ceremony and separates William and Harry during the service. While the Palace has defined the list of 30 people who will be admitted. Sarah Ferguson and Meghan Markle, the great absentees.

According to Her Majesty's instructions, William and Harry will not walk side by side behind their grandfather's coffin, but will be separated from their cousin Peter Phillips. And when the coffin is brought to St Day's Chapel in Windsor Castle, William will proceed in front of his younger brother and they will sit separately.

To establish the provisions of the funeral procession, which will take place on Saturday 17 April starting at 14.40 (English time), was Elizabeth, as we read in a note from Buckingham Palace: "The provisions have been agreed and reflect the wishes of Her Majesty ". Therefore, it was not a request from William and Harry to be separated during the funeral of grandfather Philip, but a precise choice of the Queen to avoid any form of spectacle that could give rise to gossip about the Royal Family, distracting attention from ' last farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh.

In this sense, Elisabetta also banned the use of military uniforms to avoid embarrassing Harry and Andrea who are not allowed to wear the uniform.

The last time William and Harry attended a public event together was in March 2020, during the ceremony in Westminster for Commonwealth Day. The relationship between the two brothers seemed to have cracked forever after the Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 during which they accused the Royal Family of racism, just in the days when Prince Philip was hospitalized in precarious conditions.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has released the final list of the 30 participants in the funeral. Among the more unusual names stands that of Penelope 'Penny' Knatchbull, formerly known as Lady Romsey and then Lady Brabourne, the 67-year-old Countess of Mountbatten, confidant of the Duke of Edinburgh. He will therefore attend the funeral together with the Prince's 4 children, his 8 grandchildren. The spouses of the members of the Royal Family also take part in the ceremony, except Meghan Markle who, pregnant, remained in California, and Sarah Ferguson who is formally divorced from Andrea, although they have returned to live together for some time.

Included in the list are the Queen's first cousin, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent, but not their respective wives, the Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence. The children of the Queen's late sister Princess Margaret, the Earl of Snowdon and Lady Sarah Chatto and her husband David Chatto were also invited.

Contrary to what was expected in recent days, Philip's personal secretary, Archie Miller-Bakewell, will not be present.

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